Are Electric Skateboards Dangerous?

Are you thinking of becoming an electric skateboarder? You must have heard about the accidents that took place while riding on an e-skateboard. So, are electric skateboards dangerous for real?

Quick Answer: Yes, electric skateboards can be dangerous if not ridden safely. However, as long as you take precautions and follow the road rules when riding them, they are perfectly safe for you.

That’s the quickest answer if you’re in a hurry. However, if you have time then read on as You will learn more about E-skateboard in this article. Stay around if you want some useful tips on riding them properly.

Let’s get to our topic.

Are Electric Skateboards Safe Or Dangerous?

Electric skateboards have some risks just like other types of skateboards do. However, it’s not that you can’t ride them; you can, but by taking precautions.

If you take care of yourself well and follow all the rules of riding over them, then you don’t need to worry. You’ll be safe.

However, if you are a kind of careless rider who rides without regard for the rules, then not only an Electric Skateboard but any mode of the vehicle can cause you harm.

What Type of Injuries Can Electric Skateboards Cause?

The following are the most common injuries that take place on Electric Skateboards;

Image feature a first aid kit with items like bandages and antiseptics. The background includes a blurred electric skateboard, subtly connecting the theme of skateboarding injuries with the need for preparedness and medical attention.
  • Knee injury: Knee injuries are extremely common among skateboarders. It’s because, usually, riders race with their friends, and hence, they lose their control and have knee energy. But as you guys know, e-skates are way faster than regular ones, so the chances of you getting injured with them are higher.
  • Head Injuries: Some riders like riding skateboards without wearing a helmet, which, in terms of enjoyment, is the best, but in terms of safety, it can take your life. Head injuries occur frequently when a helmet is not used.

These two injuries are the most common with electric skateboard rides. Head injuries occur frequently when a helmet is not used. Let me give you some tips:

E-Skateboard Safety Tips

Image showing list of Electric Skateboard Safety Tips

If you go by the safety advice I’m going to provide you, you’ll be secure, I wager. But, ensure that you follow them carefully.

1) Learn How To Ride A-Skateboard

What most beginners do is start riding without even nailing down the basics. They don’t even know how to ride E-skateboard, but they go on the roads to ride. The worst thing somebody could ever do is this.

There are some rules to skating that you must master. You need to learn how you’ll handle certain types of terrain and different tracks.

You even have to understand the cars and other vehicles coming towards you. Because skating is your profession. Car drivers usually can’t judge how fast you’re coming. You must therefore search for it on

So, the first thing that you have to do is learn to ride and then practise at home, not on the road.

2) Wear a helmet.

Not wearing a helmet while riding is a mistake that can lead to death. That may sound terrifying, but it’s true. You’re aware of the risks when your head hits the ground or any other things. Right?

Specifically, when you’re riding an electric skateboard, wearing a helmet is unnecessary as this boat runs too fast. Because of its fast speed, you may end up meeting with an accident, which can be life-threatening if you’re not wearing a helmet.

So, take your life seriously by wearing a helmet while skating.

3) Must Wear Padding

Other than wearing a helmet, you must also wear padding. Padding can prevent you from getting hurt if you fall off your board or hit an obstacle on the road.

You can choose from knee pads, elbow pads, wrist protectors, and wrist pads to provide more protection for your joints while riding at high speeds.

These types of protective gear are great because they come in many colours and designs. Depending on your personal preferences, you can choose one.

4) Distractions Should Be Avoided

It’s fun to listen to music while riding, but doing so on a road full of traffic is a lump. Trust me, it really is. I’ve seen some riders on the phone while riding on busy roads full of people and kids.

I really get shocked when I see people like these. They are endangering not only their own lives but also the lives of others.

So, ensure that while riding, you’re only riding. If you wish to take a call, pause for a while before speaking. Once you’re done, you can keep up with your skating. Phone calls are not more important than your lives. Are they?

5) Do not Swerve

Stay straight and don’t swerve. You should maintain a straight and balanced posture. Be sure not to run into anything on your path. Keep an eye out for traffic.

6) Maintenance On A Regular Basis

Doing basic maintenance on your e-skateboard is crucial. It ensures that something isn’t wrong while you’re riding. Every six months, the wheels should be changed, loose bolts and nuts need to be tightened, and all moving parts need to be oiled.

If your board breaks, replace the damaged parts.

7) Do Not Drink And Drive.

It’s needless to tell you that when you drink and ride, you’re putting your life at risk. Being drunk causes you to lose all of your senses and end up hitting the people or transportation around you, which can be hazardous for you.

8) Wear Suitable Shoes.

Don’t just wear any shoes to ride on an e-skateboard. Shoes should have rubber that sticks to the board. They should be able to provide full support and be a little heavy-duty. After a day, your feet and ankles will be grateful!

9) Choose your skating location wisely.

The location in which you ride is extremely important for your safety. When you ride on places like roads, public places, or wooded tracks, you’re more likely to get injured. As long as you’re an experienced rider, then you’re safe. But if you’re a newbie, riding on such tracks is foolish.

So, choose a riding location that you believe you are capable of riding on. And keep following the above-mentioned tips all along.

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These are the tips that can save your life while skating on an Electric Skateboard. Here are the answers to the FAQs:


1) What is the speed of electric skateboards?

These boards can travel up to 20 kilometres per hour, but it is worth noting that they are more dangerous than modern foot-powered ones.

2) Is using an electric skateboard

Yes, they are safe because these skateboards have been through rigorous testing before being released on the market.

They are also dangerous due to two factors. People ride E-skateboard on concrete. The popularity of electric skateboards has increased significantly in recent years.

Final Words

Are electric skateboards dangerous? Yes, they can be dangerous if you don’t ride them properly.

However, if you take complete precautions by wearing all the safety gear and following the road rules, then e-skateboards are safe for you. You won’t have any difficulty riding them.

That’s all I’ve got for you in this post: If you have any questions related to the topic, please let me know in the comment section below. I’d love to help you out.

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