Are Electric Skateboards Safe? A Comprehensive Safety Guide”

No doubt, Electric Skateboards have made skateboarding a lot more fun. With their help, you can get a speed of 22 mph, which is way more than manual skateboards. Also, you can reduce the energy you put into skateboarding, making you less tired while riding. Are electric skateboards safe? A lot of skateboard lovers have raised this question. So, let us give you the answer:

Quick Answer: The answer is both no and yes because it depends on the rider who rides it. Electric skateboards are too dangerous for any inexperienced rider as they run very fast.

However, if you think you’re an experienced rider and can handle riding a skateboard even at a fast speed, then electric skateboards are safe for you.

Electric Skateboards: How Safe Are They?

Electric skateboards are safe, but as stated earlier, they can be very dangerous for newbie skateboard riders. Riding an Electric skateboard is fun and helps you lose 100 calories by riding for one hour. 

If you’re starting skateboarding with an Electric skateboard, ensure you learn how to ride it properly.

Also, please don’t Overspeed. Be slow at the start; once you get skilled at it, you can gradually increase the speed.

Are Electric Skateboards More Dangerous Than Normal Ones?

Yes, you can say that. Because unlike manual skateboards, which you run on your energy and feet, electric skateboards run on batteries and a motor. Consequently, especially if you’ve never ridden on Electric skateboards, you might need help to control the speed so well.

Also, you have a remote control for controlling the electric boards, which is challenging to get used to.

So again, Electric skateboarding boils down to your skill level.

Beginners Should Ride Electric Skateboards?

You can ride it, but make sure you know how to do it properly. You can take an online course or learn from any other resource, according to your preference.

And keep practicing the things you’re learning at home. Instead of practicing balance on the road, where you might get hit, try it at home, where no people are around.

Balancing is the key to skateboarding safely. So, make sure you master balancing first on an electric skateboard, which you’ll do by practicing.

Once you’re sure that you can skateboard easily without falling down or getting confused, you can then ride however you want. 

Still, you can stay within the speed at the start. Gradually increase your riding speed.

How Dangerous Could An Electric Skateboard Be?

Since you skateboard on rigid pavements, just like roads, the chances of you getting badly injured are higher. 

Riding on an Electric skateboard could indeed be very dangerous if you meet with an accident.

Now, what places do skateboarders meet with most of the accidents?

Places Where Most of the Skateboard Accidents Occur.

It would help if you were extra cautious in the places I will tell you about now. It would help if you rode with your eyes open at any of the places listed below.

  • Traffic

The more crowded the place, the harder it gets to skateboard. Agree? You never know when someone will make either a right or a left turn, which increases the chances of accidents even more.

By “traffic,” I didn’t only mean vehicles; animals, humans, and pedestrians also came into this.

So, ensure you’re not overspeeding when some moving objects are around you on any type of skateboard, whether electric or manual.

  • Downhill

When you’re going down on your skateboard, and you’re already fast, the speed gets doubled. Because of that, it’ll be hard for you to hit the break of your skateboard, and you might meet with an accident. 

So, whenever you see any downhill coming your way, slow down immediately and cross it cautiously.

  • Wet Surfaces

Your board will slide and slip more easily on wet surfaces. Uncontrollable sliding is extremely difficult to control and could lead to a wipeout. Therefore, I’d advise you to avoid riding in such wet places. 

However, if you’re riding, please slow down so you may not lose your balance and fall.

  • Terrains

Oh man, terrains are so dangerous! They’re no less than a nightmare for riders. Terrains like cracks, holes, bumps, jumps, and debris can change the direction of your skateboard when you hit them.

If you’re riding faster at that time, then the chances of you getting hit by any vehicle or anything around are higher, as you may lose control completely. As a result, be aware of your surroundings to ride safely.

  • In Dark Places

Nighttime skating is more dangerous than in daylight. There needs to be more lighting to make nighttime skating dangerous. This can cause you to trip on bumps or cracks. Night skateboarding is all about lighting.

How Do You Stay Safe On An Electric Skateboard?/ Tips

Well, there are some tips that, if you adopt, you can be a safe rider. Let’s go over each one one by one.

  • Keep your mind and eyes open while you’re riding. Don’t get too busy enjoying yourself; stay focused on the track.
  •  Wearing a helmet and other safety gear is always a good idea. Protect your wrists, knees, and elbows with wrist, knee, and elbow pads. They will prevent any severe injury.
  •  It is best to avoid riding on main roads where big cars, trucks, and other vehicles pass by. Instead, ride on a street where there are no such vehicles.
  •  Remember to check your skateboard’s battery so that it continues in the middle of anywhere.
  •  Avoid overspeeding in crowded places, just as streets, roads, etc.

By applying these tips, you can ride your electric skateboard safely. Let’s quickly address some of your common questions now.

Final Words:

Are electric skateboards safe? Yes, they’re safe, but they can be dangerous at the same time for those who don’t know how to ride them properly. 

Therefore, you should learn how to ride an electric skateboard first, practice it at home, and then ride it to your desired place. Also, be mindful of the safety tips mentioned above.


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