Are Primitive Skateboards Good? Why They’re a Fan Favorite

Primitive is a new skateboard brand that has made its way into the market recently. The brand has gained a lot of popularity in a very short amount of time. But, still, there are many people who ask one question frequently, which is, “Are primitive skateboards good?”

You’ll get the answer to this question in this article. I will keep this article short. Therefore, make sure you stay to the end to ensure you learn everything.

Let’s begin our discussion without being late.

What’s Primitive?

Founded in 2014 by Paul RodriguezPrimitive is the first American skateboard brand A unique approach to the market has been taken by Primitive.

In contrast to other skateboard brands that specialize in certain types of skateboards, primitive has everything you need for skating.

All skateboarding accessories, apparel, and hard goods can be found in this company. Some riders even wear hoodies while skateboarding.

image showcases the artistic appeal of Primitive skateboards, highlighting their unique, colorful graphics set against an urban backdrop.

Are Primitive Skateboards Good?

Yes, primitive skateboards are very good. They’re designed very beautifully. A wide variety of screen-printed graphics can be found on primitive skateboard decks. The majority of boards feature cartoon-style drawings, but you can also find plain and solid-colored decks.

You’ll stay planted on your board when you ride with the primitive Skateboarding grip tape. The design of your board can be either plain or printed.

Primitive Skateboards: Benefits And Drawbacks

So, what pros and cons did I find in Primitive skateboards? Let’s go over each one by one.


Good Shape

The thing that I liked the most about primitive skateboards is how they’re shaped. They have a medium-to-high level of concave. Primitive boards are perfect for those who do flip tricks. The concave is mellow and helps you flicker and catch your skateboard. Since the nose of the skateboard is larger, your feet get a comfortable grip on the board.


 Primitive skateboards are quite lightweight, which makes it easier for you to ride on them. Furthermore, they can be moved in any direction you like.

image depicts a global map highlighting Los Angeles, symbolizing the international reach and craftsmanship of Primitive skateboards, with a focus on the detailed design of the decks.

Great Pop

 It is predictable and pleasant to play these decks. Canadian maple makes these decks responsive and snappy. My favorite deck throughout the tournament. No ounce of its power was lost. Also, have a look at Are Converse Good For Skating? for more information about skateboards.

Great Sliding

 One thing I noticed while riding on Primitive skateboards is that they slide very well. I mean, if you slide on them, you won’t lose your control. If you’re doing stunts or anything like that, it’s really helpful.

These articles will help you learn more about skateboards, their types, and safety tips.

As you can see, primitive skateboards have several advantages. What about the boards’ disadvantages? Check it out!


  • In this skateboard, there is a problem with the quality of the wood. It may break as a result.
  • Skateboards may develop pressure cracks on the deck.

Skateboards Were Invented When?

In 2008, primitive skateboards were created for the first time. Paul Rodriguez, a professional skater, and his friends from Heath Brinkley Designs created these. Over time, the business expanded into clothing and shoe manufacturing as well as making boards.

What Does Primitive Mean?

A lot of you, just like me when hearing the primitive name for the first time, must want to know what its meaning is. So, what’s the meaning of the primitive name? Why was this brand named primitive?

Primitive means “first.” It refers to something from the very beginning of human history. Prior to the invention of modern metalworking skills, primitive tool-making existed. Compared to modern technology, this makes it appear more ancient!

Which Companies distribute primitive decks?

Having partnered with Primitive Skateboarding, Project Distribution is proud to announce its distribution partnership. With Project Distribution, you can get the best brands in the industry, and Director Ben Ventress will make sure you have everything you need!

Where Are Primitive Skateboards Made?

Los Angeles is the headquarters of Primitive Skateboarding. Although Primitive Skateboarding ships internationally, its products are not available in all countries. China makes decks of primitive skateboards. China’s decks were made by an unknown woodshop.

Decks are made in the USA at Pennswood in Oil City (Pennswood)California. What would you do if you wanted to know where your primitive decks were made? There is a simple trick you can use to accomplish this. Your Primitive deck will have a sticker indicating where it was made.

What Type Of Skateboarding Can You Expect From Primitive Decks?

Decks are lightweight and durable with just the right amount of pop. It is because of these things that primitive skateboards can easily be ridden without any damage.

It is now clear whether Primitive skateboards are good or not. Listed below are some answers to frequently asked questions.


Final words:

Are primitive skateboards good? Yes, they’re pretty good, durable, and, most importantly, easy to use. That’s all I had for you in this article. If you have any questions related to the topic, please let me know in the comment section below. I’d be there to help you out.

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