Are Zinc Skateboards Good? An Overview for Beginners

When it comes to skateboarding, the quest for a great board can feel like an endless half-pipe of options. But if you’re eyeing a budget-friendly choice that doesn’t skimp on quality, you might have stumbled upon Zinc skateboards. I’ve taken a deep dive into the world of skate decks to see if Zinc’s offerings make the cut.

Zinc skateboards are typically considered low-quality and not suitable for serious skateboarding due to their subpar construction and materials. They lack durability and performance compared to higher-end skateboard brands.

With a market flooded with choices, Zinc stands out with a price point that’s hard to ignore. At just $13.99, snagging a Zinc Reg Skateboard isn’t just a steal – it’s practically highway robbery. But don’t let the price fool you; with an average score of 8.4 out of 10, these boards might just be the dark horse of the skate park. Let’s get into the nitty-gritty and find out if Zinc skateboards should be your next ride.

Benefits of Zinc Skateboards

Lightweight and Portable

Zinc Skateboards have carved a niche for themselves in the skating community, notably for their lightweight design. My hands-on experience aligns with customer feedback—they’re surprisingly easy to carry. This isn’t just for comfortable commuting; it’s for day-to-day convenience. The skateboards consist of materials that reduce the overall weight, simplifying storage and handling. Kids and adults alike find these boards handy, whether they’re performing tricks at the skate park or carrying them through the urban sprawl.

The lightness factor is a significant selling point for those mastering complex skateboarding moves. Once airborne, a lighter board makes mid-air tricks more feasible, and I’ve noticed this to be true with Zinc skateboards. For quick maneuvering and splendid ollies, you’ll find me often recommending these boards.

Durable and Long-lasting

Despite their lightness, Zinc Skateboards do not compromise on durability. Using sturdy Canadian maple wood for their decks means these boards can withstand substantial wear and tear. The right blend of strength and flexibility is crucial when you’re dealing with high impacts, whether from trick landings or the occasional spill.

I’ve pushed these boards to the limits, much like what’s described in detailed customer reviews, and they hold up impressively well. The resilience of these decks suggests that you’re getting long-term value, regardless of how regularly you hit the skateboard ramp. It’s not just about standing up to the usual knocks, though—the longevity of the boards also speaks volumes about their construction quality.

Smooth and Fast Ride

Moving on to the user experience, there’s no denying that Zinc Skateboards offer a Smooth and Fast Ride. If you’re all about cruising or looking for a burst of speed at the skate park, the wheel quality on these boards plays a pivotal role. They are made from premium polyurethane, which not only gives you a good grip but also glides seamlessly over various surfaces.

The bearings also contribute to a blissful ride experience. When I rate skateboards, I look for those with little resistance and high-speed capability, and Zinc’s options impress on both counts. Whether it’s raw speed you’re after, or a board that can keep up with your rhythm, these skateboards could very well fit the bill. They’re engineered for a comfortable yet exhilarating ride, and it’s something you’ll feel with every turn and trick.

Beyond these tangible benefits, it’s also worth noting the personalization offered by Zinc Skateboards. With various grip tapes, trucks, and wheel options, you can tailor your ride to your precise liking. This level of customization, coupled with the other highlighted benefits, makes Zinc Skateboards suitable for a spectrum of skating styles and preferences.

Drawbacks of Zinc Skateboards

Drawbacks of Zinc Skateboards

Lower Quality Materials

My experience has shown that not all skateboards are created equal, and the materials used are a critical factor in determining their quality. In the case of Zinc skateboards, the brand has made a name for itself in the entry-level market, which often suggests the use of less expensive materials. While these skateboards are made from Canadian maple wood, which provides decent durability, some of the other materials may not hold up as well.

For example, the hardware like trucks and bearings may not withstand the rigorous demands of advanced skateboarding techniques. As a result, serious skaters or those planning to upgrade their skills might find the lower quality materials of Zinc skateboards to be a significant limitation. Lets, have A look at Are Zumiez Skateboards Good for more information about Skateboards.

Limited Design Options

Although Zinc skateboards offer a variety of designs and colors that are particularly appealing to younger riders, personalization may fall short compared to other brands. When it comes to skateboarding, expressing individual style is just as important as functional performance.

Zinc does allow for some customization, but the options remain limited which may not satisfy all preferences. Enthusiasts who take pride in creating a skateboard that reflects their unique identity might find the selection offered by Zinc a bit too basic. This limitation is something to consider for those who view their skateboard as an extension of their personality and style.

Comparing Zinc Skateboards with Other Materials

Comparing Zinc Skateboards with Other Materials

As someone constantly on the lookout for the best skateboarding experience, it’s crucial to weigh the pros and cons of different skateboard materials. This comparison between Zinc skateboards and other common materials will give you an idea of what might suit your specific needs in terms of performance, durability, and overall value.

Zinc vs Wood Skateboards

Zinc skateboards, often made from lower-cost materials, offer affordability that makes them accessible for beginners. On the other hand, wood skateboards, especially those crafted from Canadian maple, are known for their durability and flexibility. A key feature of wood skateboards is their sturdy decks which provide a more reliable platform for advanced tricks and heavy use. While Zinc boards are lighter, which could aid in trick execution, wood boards are generally more long-lasting due to their quality materials, a critical factor for riders looking to invest in their skateboarding future.

Zinc vs Plastic Skateboards

Plastic skateboards provide a different skateboarding dynamic when compared to Zinc. These boards are incredibly light and often more colorful and vibrant in design. Known for their water resistance, plastic skateboards can be a solid choice for cruising and short commutes. However, Zinc skateboards tend to have better wheel quality, made from premium polyurethane, which offers a smooth ride and good grip on various surfaces. In contrast, plastic can sometimes feel less stable, especially at higher speeds or on rough terrain.

Zinc vs Aluminum Skateboards

Aluminum skateboards are a part of a more niche market, revered for their high strength-to-weight ratio. They provide a solid ride and tend to last a long time due to their metal construction. However, they can be on the heavier side compared to Zinc skateboards. Zinc skateboards stand out in the realm of lightness and maneuverability, making them more suitable for younger riders or those who are just getting acquainted with skateboarding. Aluminum boards, while durable, can also be substantially more expensive, making Zinc an attractive option for those sticking to a budget.

Tips for Choosing a Zinc Skateboard

Tips for Choosing a Zinc Skateboard

Consider Your Riding Style

When selecting a Zinc skateboard, it’s crucial to think about how you plan to use it. If you’re a beginner looking to practice basic moves, you’ll want a stable and forgiving board that gives you room to learn. Zinc products cater mainly to entry-level and casual riders, so their models often focus on ease of use and affordability. On the other hand, if you’re interested in street or skate park riding—pulling off ollies and kickflips—a Zinc board with tailored trucks and wheels may better suit your needs. Remember that while they may be budget-friendly, some models may not withstand the rigorous demands of advanced trick execution over time.

Look for Quality Construction

Zinc skateboards’ affordable prices often reflect their entry-level market positioning. However, don’t let a lower price tag fool you into overlooking build quality. Most Zinc decks are crafted from materials like sturdy Canadian maple wood, which is known for its strength and flexibility, essential for a smooth riding experience. Prioritize features like wheel quality made of premium polyurethane, which influences grip and overall ride performance. Even if you’re shopping on a budget, ensure the skateboard’s construction doesn’t cut corners that could affect durability or safety.

Check Customer Reviews

Customer feedback can offer invaluable insights into a skateboard’s real-world performance. For the Zinc Electric Cruiser Skateboard, scores like 9.2/10 highlight customer satisfaction. When browsing through reviews, pay attention to comments about the board’s stability, especially if you plan to practice advanced tricks. While reviews are a guide, they should align with your expectations based on the product’s description and your personal skateboarding goals. Reliable reviews often mention the long-term resilience of a product and can be a significant deciding factor.

Remember that skateboarding preferences can vary widely, so take each review with a grain of salt and weigh them against your specific requirements and intended use. With 46 Zinc products and 36 skateboards available at retailers like Argos, it’s clear that Zinc offers a range of options; hence, reviews can help narrow down the ideal choice for you.


So you’ve got the scoop on Zinc skateboards. Remember, matching the board to your personal style and skill level is key. I’ve highlighted the importance of sturdy construction and the wisdom of scouring customer feedback. With Zinc’s diverse lineup, you’re sure to find a skateboard that ticks all your boxes. Trust in the experiences of fellow riders and let those reviews guide you to the perfect ride. Happy skating!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Zinc skateboards good for beginners?

Zinc skateboards are well-suited for beginners as they offer a cost-effective entry point into skateboarding. They are built for casual riding, making them an ideal choice for those just starting out.

What should I consider when choosing a Zinc skateboard?

When choosing a Zinc skateboard, consider your riding style (casual versus tricks), your skill level (beginner or advanced), the construction quality of the board, and be sure to read customer reviews for real-world insights.

Is a Zinc skateboard suitable for performing advanced tricks?

Zinc skateboards are generally designed for beginners and casual riders. If you’re interested in performing advanced tricks, you might want to look for specialized skateboards designed for higher performance and durability.

How important is construction quality in a Zinc skateboard?

The quality of construction is crucial for any skateboard. A Zinc skateboard with good construction will be more durable and provide a smoother riding experience. Always check the build quality before purchasing.

Can customer reviews help me choose the right Zinc skateboard?

Yes, customer reviews are a valuable resource when choosing a Zinc skateboard. They offer real-world experiences and insights that can help you determine which skateboard is ideal for your needs.

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