Can Electric Skateboards Go Uphill?

Everything has evolved over time, including skateboards, which have progressed from traditional to electric models. The most difficult thing that people had with common skateboards was to go uphill. Since the skateboards were manual, it was hellish to go uphill while riding them. Since most of the riders want to shift to electric skateboards now, they ask one question frequently: can electric skateboards go uphill? The answer is Yes, but for you, it can mean a huge NO.


Read on to find out!

Is It Possible To Ride An Electric Skateboard Uphill?

Yes, due to having a lot of speed and motor power, electric skateboards are capable of going uphill. However, there are a few things that affect whether the skateboard can ride uphill or not.

Let’s get to these factors now:

Power of the Motor

The motor power of your skateboard is the crucial factor that decides whether or not your skateboard will be able to go uphill.

There are two types of electric skateboards: low-end skateboards with 100-watt motor power, which I don’t believe will help you go uphill.

This image captures the challenge of steep hills, showcasing a rider skillfully ascending a steep gradient on an electric skateboard.

And the second one is premium electric skateboards, which are equipped with 350 to 500 watts, which is more than enough.

in simple words. To go uphill, you need a premium skateboard with a powerful motor. You might not succeed if your skateboard is a low-end one. 


Your battery’s power will start sharply declining. When you’re skateboarding uphill. This is because the ESC does not over-discharge the battery. The batteries will explode. If there are any hills you need to climb at the end, your performance will suffer.

Is it possible to extend the battery life? Yes, there are several tips that can make the battery in your skateboard last longer. Let’s have a look at them:

Tips For A Good Battery Life

I assure you that if you follow the above-mentioned tips, your skateboard’s battery will surely last longer than it usually does. Try them out!

Skateboarding Torque

Torque is another factor that determines whether or not your skateboard will be able to go uphill. What is it? The torque refers to the rotation available or supplied for the wheels of an electric skateboard. 

This is why it is linked to the wheels on an e-skateboard. You get more speed but less torque with larger wheels. Smaller wheels operate in the opposite manner. Torque and speed are inversely proportional.

Manufacturers attempt to balance the speed, torque, and power of an electric skateboard. For that reason, It is important to consider the torque of your electric skateboard when purchasing or building one.

Wheel Dimensions

The size of the wheels is another aspect that should be considered while going uphill on an electric skateboard. Usually, small wheels produce more acceleration, which makes it a little bit easier for you to go uphill.

However, the big wheels might not help you so much in this regard. So, if you want to ride uphill, keep this in mind when purchasing an electric skateboard.

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Are Electric Skateboards dangerous?


If the hills are filled with high terrain, bumps, or cracks, then it’ll be difficult for your skateboard to go over them. 

Hence, you won’t be able to go uphill. If you must go, you must walk whenever you believe there are more terrains that your skateboard may not be able to handle.

The Hills Are Steep

The gradient or incline of the hills is referred to as their steepness. This thing matters a lot when it comes to going uphill with a skateboard. But how will you measure the incline of the road that you’re going to ride on?

The inclination of a sidewalk can be expressed as a percentage or a degree. I won’t bore you with the math’s, but 10% is roughly 5.7 degrees. Once again, the quality of the skateboard comes into play.

The more premium the guitar, the higher the incline of the road it’ll help you go over. Let’s say you have a low-end skateboard. Then, just like most low-end electric skateboards, it’ll only help you up a 5% incline, which isn’t so much. What’s the ideal incline, then?

Your skateboard should be able to at least climb a 10%–15% incline. So, go for a premium skateboard that you think will help you with the gradient of the hills.

Weight of the Rider

Your weight is another factor that greatly affects your ride. If you’re the kind of skinny guy who weighs around 70 kg, then you’ll be able to go uphill on your electric skateboard with ease.

However, if you weigh more than 85 or 90 kg, you and your skateboard will have a difficult time going uphill. It doesn’t mean, being plus size, you can’t go uphill, you can, but ensure you’re riding on a premium skateboard.

So, these are the factors that determine whether or not your E- skateboard is able to go uphill. However, what happens if you ride a skateboard up a hill? Let’s see:

What Happens To Your Skateboard When You Ride It Uphill?

 image focuses on the importance of battery life for electric skateboards, especially when navigating uphill terrains in natural settings.

Riding an electric skateboard uphill is way more difficult than riding it on a smooth road. The body of your skateboard has undergone numerous modifications. Let’s examine each one separately.

The Battery Will Drain Faster.

Since the skateboard is having to work hard to go uphill by using its power, the battery will drain way faster than it usually does. For that reason, ensure you’re following the tips mentioned above to make your battery last longer.

Skateboards will get heated up.

Your skateboard will heat up as a result of the motor consuming too much power at this point. Electric skateboards typically get hot because they have motors inside of them. However, that is the usual heat.

When you feel that the skateboard is getting too hot, immediately stop (if you can) and turn off your skateboard. This way, you’ll get rid of the heat. Once the skateboard cools down, you can keep up with your riding.

Can You Ride An Electric Skateboard Downhill?

Yes, obviously, you can go downhill on an electric skateboard. A friendly word of advice: “Look, don’t just care about going uphill; also care a little bit about coming downhill.” Going uphill is difficult for your skateboard, but coming downhill can get difficult and dangerous for you.

Therefore, when you’re coming downhill, make sure you’re not going too fast and that you have complete control over your skateboard. Try to maintain your balance while coming down from the hills. 

Now, it’s time to head over to our FAQ section, where I’ll answer some of your most common questions quickly.


Final Words

Can electric skateboards go uphill? It depends on the weight of the rider, the power of the skateboard’s motor, the battery’s capacity, the torque, and the steepness of the hills. 

If you think that your skateboard is able to get through all these things, then you’re all set to take your electric skateboard to the hills.

That’s it for today’s article. If you have any doubts about this topic, please let me know in the comment section. I’d love to help you out

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