Can Skateboard Wheels Be Used On Roller Skates?

Roller skates and skateboards are both fun to ride. In both vehicles, you ride over wheels by pushing them with the force of your feet. In spite of that, every skateboarder and roller skater wonders, “Can skateboard wheels be used on roller skates?”

Quick Answer: Yes, skateboard wheels can be used on roller skates as long as they fit the axle size and bearing requirements of the roller skate frame. However, ensure compatibility and consider factors like hardness and size for optimal performance.

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Roller skates and skateboards: A Quick Overview

An informative graphic detailing how skateboard wheels can be fitted onto roller skates, emphasizing axle size, bearing requirements, and the need for proper fit. Symbols illustrate key differences in wheel hardness and size, aiding readers in understanding how to enhance roller skate performance with skateboard wheels.

Let’s quickly take a look at both of the vehicles and see what they’re made for or used for. 


Skateboarding is a mini-vehicle that is usually used by students. The skateboards are pieces of wood with a wooden deck and four wheels attached underneath them. 

You stand on the skateboard and then push it with the help of your feet and ride over it. Most people use skateboards for different types of stunts and tricks as well.

Roller Skates

It is a type of footwear or binding that attaches to shoes to allow the wearer to move forward on wheels. Inline skates, which are essentially ice skates with wheels instead of blades, were the precursor to roller skating. 

The “quad skate” design, which has four wheels similar to a car’s configuration, gained popularity later.

How Do Roller Skates Benefit from Skateboard Wheels?

Most of you already know the answer to this question, which is why people put skateboard wheels on roller skates. But, I guess there are some beginners reading this post as well. 

So, to make it clear to them, I’m going to mention the benefits of using skateboard wheels on roller skates. 

Also, I’ll mention the drawbacks, as this is something that everybody should know before deciding whether or not to use skateboard wheels on their roller skates. This needs to be done as soon as possible, so let’s get it done!

This Is Why Roller Skates Should Use Skateboard Wheels

  • It is important to note that skateboard wheels are typically larger than roller skate wheels, which gives riders greater speed and momentum.
  • Secondly, skateboard wheels often have a harder durometer than regular roller skating wheels, so they offer more resistance and make tricks and acrobatics easier.
  • Additionally, skateboard wheels often have more traction than conventional roller skating wheels, which aids skater control. It is beneficial for roller skaters of all levels to use skateboard wheels.

Drawbacks of using Skateboard Wheels On Rollers Skates

  • Changing your roller skate wheels for skateboard wheels reduces your flexibility. It follows that roller skating will be significantly more stressful than using a bicycle. Roller skates have flexible wheels that allow you to ride easily.

There is only one con!

Can Skateboard Wheels Be Used On Roller Skates?

As a result, there is no clear-cut answer, since the type of skateboard wheels and roller skates will determine the result. There is a difference between the axle size of roller skates and skateboards, and some skateboard wheels are too small or too large for roller skates.

A skateboard wheel should, however, fit on roller skates if its diameter is at least 55 millimetres. Roller skates might work with skateboard wheels of smaller diameter, but they’ll probably be less stable and harder to control.

But, How Would You Know That Your Skateboard Wheels Are Suitable To Be Used IN Roller Skates?

How would you be able to know whether or not your roller skates are suitable for putting on the skateboard wheels? It’s as simple as that. Skateboard wheels can be fitted onto standard roller skate trucks if you know the width of the skateboard wheel. 

In order to calculate the distance between the inner bearing and the possible area where a wheel may scrape against the vehicle, simply divide (wheel width – 24 mm) / by 2. 

What’s the Difference Between Skateboarding And Roller Skates Wheels?

A side-by-side illustration comparing the wheel design and material of skateboards and roller skates. Skateboard wheels are shown as larger and made of hard urethane, while roller skate wheels are depicted as smaller and crafted from a softer material. Annotations highlight these key differences, set against a backdrop suggesting their common usage environments, such as skate parks and urban areas.

A lot of you must be thinking: what’s the difference between both vehicles’ wheels? Also, many of you might be thinking that both wheels are the same. So, is that true? Absolutely not; there are some differences between both wheels. Following are the differences!

  • In comparison to roller skate wheels, skateboard wheels are typically made of very tough urethane. On the other hand, roller skate wheels are softer than skateboard wheels since turning effectively is essential to avoid slipping. Due to the fact that skateboard wheels need to be able to grip surfaces well, this is necessary.
  • For tricks on ramps and more challenging situations, skateboard wheels are better, while roller skate wheels are better for cruising and tricks on flat ground.

So, these are the differences between roller skates and skateboard wheels.

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Putting roller skate wheels on skateboards is easy, but what are the steps?

If Your roller skates are suitable to go with the wheels of the skateboard, then how will you put them? There are a few things we’ll learn. Step-by-step instructions are provided here.

Here’s what you’ll need!

Prepare the following things before starting the procedure!

  • By using a skate tool or a wrench and socket set
  • Bearings (optional) for skateboards
  • Wheel size that is appropriate

Once you have these things ready, you’re now ready to put the wheels on roller skates. Detailed instructions are provided below.

Putting Skateboard Wheels On Roller Skates

An illustration showcasing the process of attaching skateboard wheels to roller skates, featuring hands using a skate tool to adjust the wheels on the roller skate frame. The detailed view includes skateboard wheels being fitted onto the roller skate axle with bearings, embodying the DIY spirit and precision required for the transformation.
  • Wheels that are outdated should be removed. The screws should be easily removed with your hands, but if they become stuck, use a screwdriver or pliers.
  • You should replace the wheels on your roller skates with skateboard wheels. Using your roller skate frames as a guide, align the holes of the new skateboard wheels. In the event that they do not fit easily, you can use a rubber mallet or hammer to tap them into place.
  • The axle screws should be tightened by hand or using pliers.
  • Test your new skateboard wheels by rolling them around for a few minutes before taking a ride.

You’re done. Be sure to tighten all of the screws on your roller skates before you use them so nothing comes loose during skating. 

Here’s how to attach skateboard wheels to roller skates. It’s now my turn to answer some of your commonly asked questions. Let’s move on to that quickly.


Final Words!

Can Skateboard Wheels be used on roller skates? The answer is yes, they can be used if they’re compatible with your skateboard’s wheels. I’ve also told you how you can put skateboard wheels on your roller skates.

So, I think everything has been covered about the topic. If you have any questions related to the topic, peace let me know in the comment section. I’d love to help you out.

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