Can Skateboards Get Wet?

A lot of your skaters have grown bored of skating in the sunlight, at night, and so on. It’s understandable that many of you might wonder if you can skate in the rain. So, would it be possible? Can skateboards get wet? What happens if they get wet? Questions like these must be roaming in your head.

Quick Answer: Yes, skateboards can definitely get wet. The water can also damage it; your board will stretch and become soggy, your grip tape will come loose, and your bearings will corrode and lose lubrication.

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Is It Possible For A Skateboard To Get Wet?

Simply put, yes, skateboards can get wet. Even though some parts of your skateboard might be saved from the water, the wood of the skateboard will completely get wet, which will result in it being damaged. Wood fibres expand naturally when water enters them. This alters the shape of your board! It will also cause the glue to fail due to the shifting form of the board.

When Does Usually Fall off?

There isn’t any particular answer to this question, as no one knows how strong the glue is or when it starts coming off. However, when it comes off, you’ll notice a difference in your skateboard.

You’ll feel that the skateboard doesn’t feel as good to ride as it used to. There will be a lot of weight on it, and it will be difficult to ride.

The only ones who can tell the difference are those who do tricks and are experts. However, there are kids who leave their skateboards in the rain, and the board gets waterlogged, but the kids would still be able to ride the skateboard.

Because they’re kids, man. They aren’t going to do any type of trick or stunt on the skateboard. They simply have to ride it, which is okay when the skateboard is waterlogged. 

However, if your kid is thinking of mastering the art of skateboarding by learning different types of tricks, then a waterlogged board won’t be for him. You’ll have to replace it for him. because they will notice a significant difference in their skateboard

What Happens When Your Skateboard Gets Wet?

image showing What Happens When Your Skateboard Gets Wet

Skateboards are designed to be used in normal weather, not in the rain. So, when it gets wet, the skateboard gets affected in a lot of ways.

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1) Wheels and bearings Become Slippery

Firstly, the wheels and bearings of the skateboard become too slippery, which can result in you falling off the skateboard. I don’t even recommend you stand over the skateboard when it’s too wet, as it can be dangerous for you.

The second problem is that you won’t be able to control the skateboard well since everything is wet. You may lose control at any time, which definitely won’t be good for you.

So, I wouldn’t recommend riding a skateboard that has been in the rain for a day or a few hours. Instead, you should let the skateboard dry before riding it.

Again, the expert skateboarders will have to buy a new skateboard after getting the old one wet. Because it will no longer have so much fun! (Personal Experience) For someone who just has to get around, you can ride the same skateboard after getting it dry. It won’t make you feel so odd.

2) Board Gets Rust

If skaters leave their skates outside and it rains, they will rust the next time they use them. Rust is formed as a result of the chemical reaction between oxygen and water. Skaters are particularly affected by this issue because they are constantly exposed to the outdoors.

3) Bearings Get Damage

Apart from being slippery, the bearing can get damaged because of the water. Whenever you skate on water, the bearings experience grinding noises that can quickly degrade them. It is also likely that your skates will go slower and seem heavier when they are wet.

For these reasons, it’s crucial to take the following precautions when skating in the rain or snow:

How Wet is Too Wet When Skateboarding?

You don’t want to skate after rain, but a few wet flat surfaces won’t cause too much trouble. Skate inside a parking garage while you wait for the streets to become skate able again if necessary.

Even light rain can ruin your bearings or soak your deck. Instead, use an outdated setup or deck.

Is it possible to fix a waterlogged skateboard deck?

Well, you can try, but that won’t do much. When the skateboard is waterlogged, it no longer remains as easy to ride, easy to control, and fun to ride as it used to be. Skateboarding becomes fun, you could say, especially for expert skaters. Even though some plastic skateboards have been introduced to the market, they will not be damaged by water if used.

However, here we’re only talking about a simple skateboard.

When your skateboard gets wet, what should you do?

If your skateboard hasn’t been getting wet in the rain throughout the night and just got a little splash of water on it, then you can fix it. There are a few things that you can try. I’m going to tell you all the things that you have to do when your skateboard gets wet.

  • The first thing you need to do is get off the skateboard and away from the water source.
  • If your skateboard is obviously wet, gently dry the outside, including the grip tape.
  • From the actual deck, remove the hardware and trucks. Once again, use your towel to dry the area where the hardware attaches to the board.
  • You can dry your skateboard with the sun’s heat if it’s out. Make sure it airs out in a dry, open area, such as your garage, if the sun is obscured by clouds and it is still raining. Heat drying should never be attempted as it can damage the glue that holds your board together.
  • Skateboard wheels and bearings should be removed from the hardware. It is possible to dry the wheels and bearings with paper towels. Use an old toothbrush to apply WD-40 or skate-specific bearing lube to your bearings if you have some. Your bearings will be protected from future damage if you do this.
  • Allow enough time for your board and components to dry. The local humidity shouldn’t be too high for a day or two.
  • You can skate again after putting your skateboard’s components back where they belong. However, make sure you don’t get your skateboard wet.

So, by following these steps, you can easily recover your skateboard from water. And hopefully, your skateboard will work fine if it’s not too wet. Next, we’ll look at our FAQs.

Can A Skateboard Get Waterlogged?

Yes, a skateboard can get waterlogged if it is exposed to water for an extended period of time. Water can seep into the wood of the skateboard deck, causing it to become heavy and less flexible. This can affect the performance of the skateboard and make it more difficult to ride.

To prevent a skateboard from getting waterlogged, it is important to keep it dry and protected from the elements. If the skateboard does get wet, it is important to dry it off as soon as possible to prevent water from seeping into the wood.


1) Is it possible for rain to ruin a skateboard?

Yes, the rain will make the skateboard waterlogged which you can consider that it’s destroyed. When the skateboard is waterlogged, it loses its pop completely and it’s no longer fun and easy to ride. So, you better not ride in the rain.

2) When a skateboard comes into contact with water, what happens?

The water can cause havoc on a skateboard’s deck by warping it and rusting its bearings. Furthermore, water can reduce the traction on your wheels, making riding more difficult. You should dry off your skateboard immediately after it gets wet to prevent lasting damage.

3) Does rain ruin skateboard trucks?

To maintain your skateboard properly, you should avoid getting it wet. The trucks, wheels, bearings, bolts, nuts, and deck of your skateboard will be damaged when skateboarding in the rain.

Final Words!

Can skateboards get wet? Yes, they can definitely get wet and damaged by the water. So, avoid skating during the rainy season. That’s all I had for you in this article. If you have more questions related to the topic, feel free to ask them in the comment section below. I’d love to help you out.

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