Can You Get a DUI on a skateboard?/ Ultimate Guide!

Is skating while drunk something you’d like to do? Then the thought of DUI(driving under the influence) will surely come to your mind. So, can you get a DUI on a skateboard? A lot of skateboarders ask me this question.

I don’t know why they want to ride purposefully when they’re drunk. However, anyways, the quickest answer is no. You can’t get a DUI on a skateboard. 

Quick Answer: Skateboarding is a dangerous sport, which is why a lot of countries like France, Norway, Mexico, Lithuania, and so on have banned it. Both the rider and those nearby are aware of the dangers involved.

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That was the fastest answer. If you want to be safe and learn more about skateboarding laws, stay around till the end.

Can You Get A DUI On A Skateboard?

The answer is simple: no. You cannot get any type of DUI on your skateboard. Why? Because governments are not fools. How can they allow someone to be a danger to not only themselves, but to other innocent citizens as well? However, what are the reasons?

Reasons why You can’t get A DUI On A skateboard

The government does not give DUI for skateboarding for several reasons. In order to make sure you learn everything efficiently, I’ll tell you all the reasons one by one under separate headings.

1) You May Get Injured

When you’re drunk, no matter how skilled you are at skating, you may lose your balance and hit either the ground or a vehicle, which can be fatal for you. This way, you may get badly injured or even kill yourself.

Yes, you heard that right. Because when you’re drunk, you don’t know how fast you’re going or when you have to take turns. Because you’re not in your senses at the time. 

2) You may Damage Public and Private Properties:

A lot of times, it happens that drunk skateboarders damage a lot of private and public properties. You can do it while drunk. To avoid this loss, the government does not issue any DUI on skateboards so that you do not endanger anyone’s property.

3) You may hit Innocent people:

It’s needless to tell you that when you’re drunk, you may also hit people around you and get them injured. Innocent people can get injured for no reason just because of your little foolishness. 

And governments can’t let their people get injured for no reason at all. As a result, they do not issue any type of DUI on skateboards.

4) Getting tangled up and causing traffic hazards:

Skateboarding while intoxicated is extremely risky, but even if you avoid getting hurt, you will clog up traffic. 

Due to traffic congestion and risks, DUI on a skateboard might be prohibited. Accidents can also result from these traffic issues. It is estimated that hundreds of people die each year as a result of impaired driving or riding in vehicles.

You can’t get a DUI on your skateboard for these reasons.

What if you Want to Drink and Drive Without respecting the laws?/ Consequences?

If you want to drink and drive despite knowing about the laws and while breaking them, then keep the below mentioned consequences in your mind. 

1) Licence Suspension

Driving under the influence can result in the suspension of your licence. If you consistently violate the law, your licence may be suspended. 

Depending on how frequently the interval occurs, it may last for many months or years. To create an average value of fines, data from several American states were averaged. Below is a list of the suspension period;

  • If you receive a DUI for the first time, your licence could be suspended for six months.
  • It is possible that the suspension period will be longer than two years if you violate the law a second time and are charged with DUI.
  • If you commit a third offence, your licence may be suspended for three years.

How did I calculate the Suspension time?

The question is probably on your mind as well, just like it is for many other skateboarders. Let me tell you. 

Most states have laws that are similar to California’s when it comes to fines and suspension periods. In the event that you have had a DUI for three or four years or more, you may be subject to a lifelong suspension of your licence

2) Getting arrested is a sure thing:

Obvisiolly, there are policemen appointed on the way who check each and every one who passes on the road. 

So, if they check you and you get caught drunk while riding a skateboard, you’ll get arrested immediately. 

3) A long-term prison sentence may be imposed on you:

Whenever you are caught using a skateboard while drunk, you are required to follow the court’s instructions.

Depending on the court’s decision, you may have to pay fines or other fees. Paying them will prevent you from receiving a harsh penalty. This will mentally prepare you to never break the law again.

4) You will be fined and punished:

The use of a skateboard while intoxicated can result in a lengthy prison sentence. A reputable attorney can help you escape all of this. Don’t do anything that could cause harm, 

5) You’ll have to pay for the loss:

If you damage anything, like a vehicle, or public or private property, then you’re the one who’s going to pay for it. The rest of the punishments like going to jail or fines are separate. Paying for the loss is the spot punishment. 

It’s impossible to escape without paying the price. The police will find you anyway and this time, it’d be more pathetic than it would be if you’d not escaped from the loss that you yourself made. 

How To Avoid Getting A DUI While Skateboarding?

Neither intoxicants nor drugs should be consumed while skateboarding. This will prevent you from getting a DUI as well as causing a bad accident. When you’ve had a few drinks and need to get somewhere, ask a friend to drive you or hail a cab. It will also protect everyone around you.

How To Avoid When Police Suspects You as drunk?

A lot of times, due to having too many bumps and stones on the road, you slow down and may move the skateboard in an awkward way. This may make the police think that you’re drunk. If they think so, they’ll surely try to stop you. In such a situation, what would you do?

Just be calm. Relax. You haven’t done anything wrong. Once you hear policemen shouting at you to stop, don’t be afraid and gradually slow down and then stop the skateboard on the side of the road. The police aren’t going to eat you. 

They just want to confirm whether you’re drunk or not. And that’s what they’ll do after stopping you. They might ask you several questions as well. Don’t be nervous, and answer all their questions. Since you’re innocent and not drunk, they won’t do anything to you.

It is now clear whether it is legal or not to drink and drive on skateboards. Please refer to the FAQ section for answers to some of your questions. So, let’s just do that now!


1) Is it possible to drink and skateboard at the same time?

It’s not a recommended act as well. By riding a skateboard when you’re drunk, you not only put your but other people’s lives in danger as well. So, please never ever do that. 

2) Does California allow DUIs on skateboards?

Due to the fact that skateboarding is not a motor vehicle, skateboarders are considered pedestrians in California. Inebriated or high people who cannot look after themselves or others cannot be prosecuted for DUI. They may instead be charged with public intoxication.

3) Are electric skateboards subject to the same DUI laws as regular skateboards?

While riding an electric longboard, you may be charged with DUI. Depending on the judge’s decision, you may even be charged with DUI for riding an electric longboard.

Final Words!

Can you get a DUI on a skateboard? Now you know the reasons why you can’t get a DUI on your skateboard. If you have any questions related to the topic, please let me know in the comment section. I’d love to help you out.

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