Cruiser Wheels VS Skateboard Wheels

What do you think a skateboard is? A piece of wood with wheels and bearings attached? That’s it? But aside from these things, Skateboards come in different types, one of which is a cruiser. The cruiser’s skateboards are way different than skateboards. Their wheels are very different. So, are you also willing to know the difference between cruiser wheels and skateboard wheels? Then this article is just for you. This article is going to be a comparison of Cruiser wheels VS Skateboard wheels. Let’s see what the differences are.

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What’s Cruiser?

A cruiser is a small, lightweight skateboard that is ideal for short trips. Compared to regular skateboards, this board seems to be a bit heavier and taller. 

Cruiser skateboards are used for cruising down streets or other pavement areas. Boards have kicktails on their backs.

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How Does a Cruiser Skateboard Differ from a Regular Skateboard?

Both skateboards have many differences. Let’s go over each one in turn. Last but not least, we’ll also see how cruisers and skateboards differ in terms of their wheels.

1) Comfortability

Cruiser skateboards are far more comfortable than regular skateboards when it comes to comfort. As a result, deeper carving and bigger turns are possible without compromising stability. 

Rolling over cracks will be easier. A cruiser board is better than a skating board if you want a more luxurious experience.

2) Ease of use

You must have seen people learning to skate on cruiser boards. Right? It’s because cruisers are too easy to ride on. 

For that reason, they’re very easy to learn, which is why most beginners tend to use them for learning to skate. On the other hand, a regular skateboard is quite tough to learn.

3) The Shape Of The Deck

A skateboard differs greatly from a cruiser in terms of size and shape. The size and shape of cruiser skateboards vary.

Kicktails are common on some. Approximately 22 inches is the length of mini-cruisers. Alternatively, you can have a banana deck, which is retro-style 

On the other hand, regular skateboards have a lozenge-shaped board with a raised nose and tail. A range of lengths and widths are available for you to choose from.

4) Length

Skateboards usually measure between 30 and 32 inches in length. As it has a 30-37-inch length, a cruiser skateboard is a little longer than a regular skateboard. Children and men who are shorter can opt for a mini-cruiser (22-22-inch),

Cruiser Wheels VS Skateboard Wheels/ Difference

Since cruisers are usually designed to be used on pretty much all types of surfaces, their wheels can easily run on rough and hard surfaces as well.

On the other hand, the wheels of cruisers are way too soft, which makes it easier for beginners to learn to ride on the board.

Additionally, cruiser board wheels are made of polyurethane. Travelling becomes easier and more enjoyable as a result.

So, not only do you now know the difference between cruiser wheels and skateboards, but you also know the overall difference between both types of skateboards. Isn’t it? But which skateboard should you go for? What do I recommend?

Cruiser VS. Regular Skateboard/My Recommendations:

If you enjoy doing stunts while riding down streets or rough terrain, I highly recommend Cruiser. Also, when you’re a beginner, you should definitely go with a Cruiser skateboard. because it’s too easy to learn.

What about a regular skateboard? Well, you can go for this to do tricks, but only if you know how to ride it or at least have a little know-how. 

You can learn to ride a regular skateboard but it will be a little more difficult than learning on a cruiser skateboard.

The choice is yours.

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1) How do cruiser skateboards work, and should you buy one?

In addition to cruising down streets, cruiser skateboards are also used on pavements. The kicktail on a board is the part that curves at the back.

2) What is the length of a Mini Cruiser skateboard?

There may not be a board that suits everyone since mini cruiser boards are only 22 inches long. The size is suitable for young and small users. The surface area might not be sufficient for heavier riders. The deck is non-slip.

3) Do cruiser skateboards have kicktails?

It is not possible to find kicktails on all cruiser boards. Many trick boards feature this type of design. 

On the other hand, a kicktail makes a great feature for a cruiser board as it allows you to make sharp turns and manoeuvre curbs. The board’s length. There is a range of 28 to 46 inches in length for a cruiser board.

Final Words

What is the distinction between cruiser and skateboard wheels? The main difference is that the cruiser wheels are softer and can be used for pretty much all types of tracks. Contrarily, the wheels of a regular skateboard are harder and cannot be used for all types of tracks.

So, now you know the difference between cruisers and skateboards. Still, if there is any doubt in your mind that you want to get cleared, then please leave a comment down below. I’d love to help you out.

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