Do Skateboards Break Easily? Expert Tips for Every Skater

The durability of a skateboard can depend on a number of factors, including the materials used in its construction, the type of skating it is intended for, and how well it is maintained. One question that most newbies ask while buying a skateboard is, “Do skateboards break easily?” 

Skateboards can break if subjected to excessive stress or impact, but they’re designed to withstand typical skateboarding maneuvers and terrain. Quality construction and proper maintenance can help extend their lifespan.

In this article, we will explore some of the factors that can contribute to skateboards breaking, as well as some tips for maintaining and caring for your skateboard to help ensure that it lasts as long as possible.

Reasons Why Skateboards Break Easily??

Reason 1

One thing that most of the manufacturers put a lot of focus on is the durability of the skateboards. They make sure that their skateboards last longer. However, since the skateboard’s deck is made up of wood, it can easily be broken if you ride on a concrete surface.

This image captures a skateboard breaking in mid-air during a stunt at an urban skate park, highlighting the risks of high-intensity skating on concrete surfaces.

The reason why concrete surfaces are harmful to the skateboard deck is that there are a lot of rough things that will make it challenging for you to deal with. And to ride over the surface, you’ll try hard by pushing too much pressure on the deck, which will result in the breaking of the deck of your skateboard.

Reason 2

When you hit any terrain or a jump with too much speed, then the chances of getting your skateboard broken are too great. because wood can only take so much man 

Reason 3

The final factor which can cause skateboards to shatter is normal wear and tear. The wheels and bearings on the board may degrade over time, causing the board to wobble and eventually break. Despite the fact that skateboards are usually very strong and can last for years with good maintenance, they can break in a variety of ways.

Reason 4

Most skateboard breaks occur because the timber has weakened or been destroyed. Several factors can lead to this:

  • Heat or the sun overexposed the board. Warping and weakening of wood may result.
  • The board was kept in a moist setting. The wood could swell as a result and weaken.
  • A lot of strain was put on the board when grinding and jumping-off steps were performed. Furthermore, the wood may shatter and splinter as a result.
  • The board was hit or dropped with a powerful blow. This could result in the wood shattering and splintering.

So, these are the reasons which may lead your skateboard to break.

The illustration features an Asian male skateboarder maintaining his skateboard's wheels and bearings in a home garage, surrounded by skateboarding equipment and maintenance tools.

What’s the Average lifespan of Skateboards?

The lifespan of a skateboard is typically three to six months. It may, however, have a shorter or longer lifespan depending on where you ride. If you enjoy doing complicated tricks on terrains, slopes, or hills, your skateboard may not even last a month. I can break without the expected lifespan.

On the other hand, if you ride a skateboard to and from college without doing any sort of stunts, it will last even longer than its lifespan. 

What about Bearing And Wheels?

Wheels and bearings, however, are particularly vulnerable to damage and require constant replacement. Cracks and warping may also occur on the deck itself over time.

However, a skateboard can live considerably longer than six months with the right upkeep and care. In some cases, skateboards can last for many years. 

What is the force required to break a skateboard?

According to the static simulation, the deck should fail under a 3000–4000 N load. By looking at the plot below, it appears that this is happening here. It is around 4000 N when the reaction force number starts to fluctuate. It is at this point that skateboards start to break.

What is the maximum weight that a skateboard can support?

Different skateboard models have different weight restrictions. 200 pounds is the typical weight limit for skateboards.

The common board types are mentioned below!

  • Longboards: Larger wheel diameter and a cruising design make these boards ideal for cruising. Due to their longer deck and wheelbase, they can support more weight than any other board.
  • Skateboards: Stunts and maneuverability are the main features of these vehicles. There is a limit of 180 pounds per board, which is less than other types of boards, and the wheel size is smaller than on longboards.
  • Penny boards:
  • These vehicles are designed for commuting and navigating urban areas. Moreover, they are easier to manoeuvre on city sidewalks and roadways due to their smaller wheel diameters.

How come my skateboard keeps breaking?

One of the most common causes is the quality of the board itself. If your skateboard is frequently breaking, it might be time to buy a higher-quality one. Skateboard riders should also take into account how they ride their boards. Do you frequently perform manoeuvres that put a lot of strain on the board? Consider skating more sensibly if this is the case. 

You might also experience skateboard malfunctions due to unlucky circumstances. Sometimes things just happen, no matter how carefully you ride or how well you take care of your board. When your skateboard gives you bad luck, there isn’t much you can do except hope that it will change. 

It can be both irritating and expensive to have your best skateboard break all the time. Nevertheless, if you carefully examine the causes, you may be able to reduce its frequency by making some adjustments.

How To Prevent Your Skateboard From Breaking?

So, now you know whether or not your skateboard breaks easily. You may be wondering what you can do to prevent your skateboard from breaking. You don’t need to worry. I’m going to give you some tips that will help you increase the lifespan of your skateboards.

Concreate Areas and Rough Surfaces

Avoid riding your skateboard on concrete areas and rough surfaces where there are too many stones, terrains, jumps, and cracks. Always ride on smooth surfaces like a road, a park, and so on. If you do tricks, then I can’t help you increase your skateboard’s lifespan.

Clean The Deck

Clean your skateboard’s deck on a daily basis. When you don’t clean the deck, it gets caught in the dirt and debris, which then keeps making it weaker from the inside. So, after you’ve finished skating, make sure you clean it up.

Checking Nuts and Bolts

Keep checking the nuts and bolts of your skateboard. They’re usually not visible to your eyes. All you see is a deck and a skateboard. That’s it. But knowing whether the nuts and bolts are fixed tightly is crucial. Because when you ride over stones and other places where you put too much pressure on your skateboard’s deck, then they get loose. When they’re loose, they can come off the skateboard while you’re riding, which can be dangerous for you and for your skateboard as well. Watch them closely, so you don’t lose sight of them.

wheels of the skateboard

Additionally, you should check the wheels of the skateboard as well as the nuts and bolts. You should always ensure that each wheel’s axle and frame are in good contact, regardless of how old your skateboard is. Bearings (the area within each wheel where bearings are linked) (or “hulls”) degrade over time owing to friction. If there isn’t enough room for both axles, one will rub against internal components, such as metal rails above the ground, which could wear out the vehicle over time if ignored.

keep your skateboard dry

  • Always keep your skateboard dry. The water makes the wood weaker, which leads it to break. Thus, riding when it’s raining isn’t a good idea. Also, make sure the place you store your skateboard is completely dry.

Clean skateboard bearings

Clean the skateboarding bearings at least three times a month. Once the bearings have been cleaned and dried, squeeze two drops of bearing lube into each. Rotate each bearing’s outer ring while holding it between your fingers to distribute lubrication uniformly. As soon as you’ve mounted your board and reassembled your wheels, you’re ready to ride.

So, that’s how you can increase the lifespan of your skateboard.

Now, I guess everything has been covered about whether or not skateboards break easily. My time has come to answer some of your frequently asked questions!


Final Words

Do skateboards break easily? Yes, they can break easily if you hit them with a stone or jump. Also, they can break when you do stunts on them, as it puts too much pressure on the skateboard deck.

If you want your skateboard to last longer, make sure you follow the skateboard maintenance tips that I gave you. They’ll surely increase the lifespan of your skateboard.

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