Electric Skateboard VS Onewheel?

Electric skateboard vs Onewheel? Which one should you go for? Both skateboards have their own pros and cons.

Electric skateboards are less tiring, fast, and comfortable. While one-wheel skateboards are used for practising balance. So, to find out which is best for you, I’m going to compare both skateboards in this post.

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Electric Skateboard And Onewheel Skateboard: Overview

Before we get to the comparison, let’s quickly review both of the skateboards one by one.

Electric Skateboards

The Electric skateboard is the latest type of skateboard which is powered by a battery and run by a motor. Such skateboards come with a remote controller that you can use to control the skateboard’s speed and other things.

Louie Finkle is considered the founder of electric skateboards. He brought the first-ever electric skateboard into the world in 1997 and called it MotoBoard.

Since then, considering the advantages electric skateboards give, skateboard lovers have started shifting to this new technology. And now, the vast majority of riders ride electric skateboards.

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Onewheel Skateboard

A device similar to Onewheel was founded by Ben Smith in 2007. One wheel is an electric board sport consisting of a single wheel that can balance itself on its own.

A skateboard with an electronic component is often referred to as an electronic skateboard.

Yes, you heard that right. The electric unicycle has a different type of rider. The direction of travel and the angle of their feet are perpendicular to each other.

Usually, one-wheel skateboards are used for practising and improving balance on the skateboard.

After knowing a little bit about both skateboards, it’s time to compare them so that you can go with the one that you like.

Electric Skateboard VS Onewheel/ A Detailed Comparison

Now, I’m going to compare the features of both skateboards. By comparing the features, you’ll be able to choose the one that best suits your needs. Let’s get to our topic now.

An image showing comparison b/w skateboard and one wheel.


When it comes to the design of electric skateboards VS one-wheel skateboards, one-wheel wins. Why? Because one wheel looks quite unique and too different from a common skateboard.

Also, the way it’s ridden is different. On the other hand, electric skateboards are the same as manual skateboards. Only a motor and a battery are installed in them to make them electric. The rest of the things are the same as a regular skateboard.


If we talk about the controls of an on-wheel and an electric skateboard, both are completely different. Skateboards with electric motors are controlled by a remote control that you hold in your hands while riding.

In Onewheel, however, there is no controller that you must hold. You can control the skateboard using your feet and body movements. That’s it.

And trust me, you’d never want to be holding a remote in your hands while riding. Anything can happen at any time. It is important to focus on the track while enjoying the ride at the same time. So, with a remote in your hands, you won’t be able to do that.

Since, Onewheel does not require a remote and allows you to enjoy your ride with nothing in your hands, I believe it wins in this category.


One of the major advantages that the skateboard has over Onewheel’s Onewheel is the variety of brands and options.

Although there are a few Onewheel models, it doesn’t offer as many options in terms of quality or price as other brands and models that make electric skateboards. It’s easy to find a skateboard that suits your needs, compared with the Onewheel.

So, Onewheel deserves to be the best in this category.

Design and Mechanics Electric Skateboard vs Onewheel

Battery Range

As stated earlier as well, both skateboards are electric. As a result, considering their battery range is also essential. So, which skateboard offers the best battery range? Both of the skateboards have good battery life, but Onewheel’s is longer.

You can ride them for 14–18 miles on a single charge if you have the latest version of one wheel. Compared to electric skateboards, you need to put extra energy into them to move from left to right or in any direction, which consumes a lot of battery.

The worst of all is that once the battery on one wheel dies, it no longer has the capability to work as a common skateboard. You’ll either have to charge it to ride again or carry it all the way to your destination.

On the other hand, electric skateboards provide you with the same battery range as Onewheel.

You can, however, use them as a regular skateboard when their batteries run out. It means you won’t need to pick them up with your hands. Riding with them won’t affect your ability to keep up.

So, the Electric Board is the winner of this category.

The capability of handling Terrain

No matter how expensive a skateboard is, if it can’t handle terrain properly, you can’t call it the best. When the ability of an electric skateboard vs. a Onewheel to handle terrain is compared, on-wheelers win.

Why? because they’re designed to be used on all types of tracks. just like grass, cracks, and trails.

Also, you can ride them off-road without any difficulty. Contrarily, electric skateboards don’t seem to be very helpful in this category. One wheel is better at handling terrain than them.

Even if you hit a single crack or a trail, all of your control over the whole riding experience will be lost.

Also, not all electric skateboards are meant to be used for off-road rides. If you want to do off-road rides, then you’ll have to purchase an off-road electric skateboard for that, which is pathetic. It’s time for Onewheel to step up again.


Skateboards powered by electricity can travel at speeds up to 25 mph. It is better to ride an electric scooter if you want speed.

The maximum speed of Onewheel is 19 mph. Most of the time, it does not exceed 15 miles per hour. So if you’re looking for speed, electric skateboards are the best choice.


Since, one-wheel skateboards are more durable, electric skateboards are usually lighter than one-wheel skateboards. Consequently, their extremely heavy weight can reach up to 25 lbs, which is excessive.

In contrast, electric skateboards tend to be lighter and sleeker and weigh way less than one wheel. So, they’re the winners of the category.


Any skateboard you ride on is hazardous to your health. By doing so, you risk your life. However, if we talk about safety, electric boards are the winners. Why? Onewheel is hard to handle; that’s a fact.

All of your balance is on a single wheel, which you have to maintain. Even if you accidentally put more pressure on a single skateboard, the chances of you having a serious injury are higher if you’re riding on pavement.

This is the reason most of the injuries from riding take place on wheels. Not only that, the Onewheel motor shuts off when you overload it. This causes the nose of your board to crash into the ground, sending the rider into the ground.

That’s terrible. What about electric skateboards? Electric skateboards can also cause voltage sags that can pose a safety hazard. Skateboards slow down when their batteries are low.

However, they allow you to react quickly and could prevent an accident. Although both have risks, electric skateboards are safer.

Is A Onewheel easier than a skateboard?

It is difficult to say whether a Onewheel is easier or harder to ride than a skateboard, as it depends on the individual and their level of experience with each type of vehicle. However, some people may find that a Onewheel is easier to ride because it has a large, single wheel in the center that provides stability and balance, while skateboards have four smaller wheels that may be more difficult to balance on.

On the left side, a person with medium-length brown hair, wearing a blue t-shirt and grey shorts, is effortlessly balancing on a Onewheel, with a confident smile. On the right side, another person with short black hair, wearing a green t-shirt and black jeans, is struggling to balance on a traditional skateboard, looking a bit uncertain. The background is a sunny park with trees, a clear blue sky, and a smooth concrete path. Both riders are wearing safety helmets and knee pads.

Additionally, Onewheels often have features such as gyroscopic sensors and motors that can help the rider maintain their balance and control the vehicle, while skateboards do not have these features. Ultimately, the best way to determine whether a Onewheel or a skateboard is easier for you to ride is to try both and see which one you feel more comfortable and confident on.

My Recommendation?

Which is better: an electric skateboard or a one-wheeler? Well, if you’re a beginner, I’d never recommend you get started with the Onewheel skateboard, as it’s quite hard to handle. Electric skateboards work best for beginners.

Not only that, they’re safe to ride on. However, if you’re experienced, you may be able to try Onewheel as well. Compared to a beginner, you’d be able to be safer while learning how to use it.

Let’s head over to the FAQ section now, where I’ll answer one of your most common questions.


1) What is the difference between a Onewheel and a skateboard?

Onewheel is more challenging and requires greater balance than skateboarding. They’re also a bit more difficult to learn than regular skateboards.

2) Why is Onewheel better than others?

Due to their ease of use and safety, electric skateboards are superior to Onehwheels. Their lighter weight is also accompanied by a greater degree of durability.

Final Words:

Electric skateboard vs. Onewheel: which one is worth going after? Electric skateboards are way better than the Onewheel in terms of safety and ease of use. So, I’d say that they’re the best ones.

That’s it. If you have any questions related to the topic, please let me know in the comment section below. I’d love to help you out.

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