How To Make Skateboard Wheels Spin Longer?

So, you wanted to compete with your friend in a skating competition, but guess what? You tried to speed up your skateboard, but the wheels didn’t spin as fast as they should have. Why is that so? Why are your skateboard wheels not spinning longer and faster? This problem is more serious than it may seem. The wheels on your skateboard might not spin for several reasons. Therefore, I’ll explain how to make skateboard wheels spin longer in this article.

Why are Your skateboard’s Wheels Not spinning longer?

The wheels on your skateboard may need to be spinning faster and longer for various reasons. The majority of them are listed below.

  • The wheels and the bearings of the wheels are dirty.
  • Axle nuts are too tight.
  • The trucks and the wheels are of bad quality.
  • Your skateboard trucks are too easy.
  • You need to have the required Skating Skills.

Usually, these are the reasons that keep your wheels from spinning longer. But don’t worry; I will now tell you some possible solutions. Let’s dive right into the topic.

How to make skateboard wheels spin longer?/ This Is How!

Now, it’s time to make your skateboard’s wheels speed skyrocket. And there are several methods that we’re going to be following to do that. Below you will find a step-by-step explanation of all the methods. Let’s follow them one by one!

You need to clean the bearings and wheels of your skateboard

A lot of riders carelessly ride their skateboards without caring about the ground they’re riding on. Plus, they only clean their skateboard’s wheels for a few days, so your skateboard wheels start spinning slower. 

The wheels and bearings get caught in dirt and debris while riding the skateboard without cleaning them.

So, the first step to making your skateboard wheels spin faster is to clean the skateboard bearing and wheels. And I recommend you do this every day when you return from skating. 

This way, your skateboard will be in good working condition. But now the question is: how do you clean your skateboard bearings and wheels?

The method for cleaning skateboard wheels

Firstly, we’re going to clean our skateboard’s wheels.

  • Take out the wheels from your skateboard first of all.
  • Like an old toothbrush, warm water and a soft brush remove any dirt or debris from the wheels.
  • Use a brush and dish soap to remove the stuck-on dirt for particularly grimy wheels.
  • Once the skateboard’s wheels have dried completely, reinstall them.

Lose Your Axle Nuts

Some skateboards get a pre-built skateboard which sometimes comes with too-tight axle nuts. And when the axle nuts are too tight, the skateboard wheels don’t get much speed. 

They Become slower. An axle nut that is too tight increases bearing pressure, causing your wheels to spin slowly.

Keeping the axle nut slightly loosened will make the wheels spin longer, but you must make sure it does not fall off.

Upgrade Your Skateboard Wheels And Bearings

If the skateboard wheels and bearings are damaged, no matter how much you clean them, the speed will be the same. Moreover, they may lead you to an accident and a break when you’re on a busy road. 

So upgrading your wheels and bearings is the best thing you can do. You can also upgrade the skateboard with a new one with bigger bearings and wheels. So, I consider it a pro.

Adjust your skateboard’s trucks

The bearings in your skateboard trucks can wear out quickly if they are tight enough. You can adjust your trucks most effectively by using a skate tool. The kingpin nut should be loosened once the trucks can turn easily.

It is also important to ensure that your trucks are not too slack. Excessively loose wheels could wobble, which could damage your bearings.

Break In Your New Skateboard

A skateboard’s bearings may be overly tight when obtaining them, accelerating their deterioration. They must break in for your bearings to spin smoothly and for a long time.

It’s best to skate on your bearings for a few hours; this will help them become accustomed to you. A lubricated bearing will spin more freely, allowing the bearings to spin more freely.

Improve Your Riding Skills

The more skilled a skateboarder you are, the faster you can ride your skateboard. If you’re a beginner and your skateboard wheels are spinning slowly, your lack of riding skills might be the reason.

So, check all the methods mentioned above first, then see if the speed improves. If the speed remains the same, you must learn skateboarding well.

You can use YouTube and other apps to learn to skate well. So, do that, and your skateboard’s wheels will automatically spin longer and faster.

Get A New Skateboard

You should upgrade your skateboard wheels if they spin quickly but only last for a while. The speed will drop as you keep pushing, and the bearing will become dirty. When your skateboard is over three or four years old, it’s crucial to replace the wheels and bearings regularly. You can save tons of money by doing this. The result will be greater speed and a stronger grip.

Choose Your Wheels Based On Your Riding Style

The types of wheels are different for different types of riding skills. For example, purchasing wheels made specifically for tricks might be a good choice if you enjoy performing tricks. These wheels are perfect for flips and other acrobatics because they are often smaller and tougher. You can purchase the greatest skateboard wheels for slides if you enjoy them.

Additional Tips TO make Your Skateboard Wheels spin longer

Aside from the tips mentioned above, some other basic tips can significantly affect the skateboard wheels. So, let’s learn what these tips are!

  • If you ride on rough surfaces with too many stones and terrains, avoid doing that.
  • Use high-quality bearings and wheels.
  • Check if your wheels are damaged
  • Replacing your wheels after working out is the best thing you can do.

So, now you know how to make skateboard wheels spin longer and faster. It’s now my turn to answer some of your frequently asked questions.


Is it a good idea to loosen my skateboard wheels?

It’s a smart move to lease your wheels. It’s best to keep them tight enough to prevent them from falling off, but not too tight that they will come off. 

You will be able to keep your wheels and bearings in good condition when you pull out the board again and prepare to ride.

What is the recommended rotation time for skateboard wheels?

Keep your skateboard wheels spinning for 10 to 30 seconds. Your skateboard’s wheels should spin freely and continuously for at least 10 seconds. Your wheels are tightly positioned if they stop spinning within 10 seconds. It is a little loose if it lasts longer than 30 seconds.

How can I make my bearings spin faster?

In order to increase the ease with which the bearing spins, all lubricants should be removed and the bearing should be left “dry.” Without lubrication, the bearing may not last very long.

Final Words

How can I make skateboard wheels spin longer?

  •  Remove dirt and debris from the bearings to reduce friction.
  • Apply a skateboard-specific lubricant to the bearings for smoother motion.
  •  Adjust the wheel nuts so they are not overly tight, allowing free rotation.
  •  Use high-quality, well-constructed bearings for better performance.
  •  Regular check-ups and maintenance ensure longer-lasting wheel spin.

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