Is Cruiser A Skateboard?/ Read This Before Buying One!

Is Cruiser a skateboard? Usually, people who are new to skating ask these questions very often. So, let me tell you!

Quick Answer! Cruiser is, indeed, a skateboard. Such skateboards are designed to be ridden downhill, in public places, in city environments, or on any other surface. Cruiser skateboards are quite different from regular skateboards.

Be sure to stay around to get all the answers to your questions. It’s time to get to our topic.

What’s A Cruiser Skateboard?

Different types of skateboarders exist. Some riders like to stunt, trick, and take part in skateboarding competitions. while some people just skateboard as a mode of transportation.

Those who just want to get around are best served by cruiser skateboards. Tricks and stunts are not recommended.

Among college students, cruiser skateboards are very popular. Besides being very easy to ride, it’s also the best for riding on the streets. A cruiser skateboard has a kicktail on the back, which improves manoeuvrability and design stability.

Unlike skateboards, cruiser boards are not designed for fast speeds. Despite the fact that you can run them at a good speed, they aren’t as fast as other skateboards. It is also difficult to ride cruiser skateboards on a large terrain.

what is a cruiser skateboard used for

 A cruiser skateboard is designed for cruising or commuting over short to medium distances. Unlike traditional skateboards that are optimized for performing tricks and stunts, cruiser skateboards are designed for comfort, stability, and smooth riding.

Cruiser skateboards typically have larger and softer wheels, which provide a smoother ride on rough surfaces such as sidewalks and roads. The wider and more stable deck also makes it easier to maintain balance and ride for longer distances without getting fatigued.

Cruiser skateboards are ideal for those who want to use a skateboard as a mode of transportation for getting around town, running errands, or just cruising around for fun. They are also popular among commuters who want a compact and eco-friendly alternative to cars or public transportation.

In summary, cruiser skateboards are used for cruising or commuting over short to medium distances, providing a comfortable and smooth ride on a variety of surfaces.

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Best Features of Cruiser Skateboards 

The best features of cruiser skateboards are some of their unique characteristics. Come on, let’s explore them one by one!

1) Wheel Wells

The wheel wells of many cruisers are designed to prevent wheel bites. In addition to providing you with additional turning space, they can also increase the safety of your trip. It is possible to make tight bends and prevent wheel bite with simple indentations called wheel wells.

2) Rails

What are rails? The bottom edges of skateboards are fastened with injection-moulded plastic strips called deck rails. Besides protecting your skateboard’s graphics, they allow it to slide farther. 

They are typically 14.5 inches long0.5 inches wide, and 0.5 inches high. You get a great grinding experience on your skateboard because of the rails. Additionally, they serve as a protective layer under the deck.

Types of Cruiser Skateboards:

There are four different types of cruisers, including;

  • Mini Cruiser
  • Traditional Cruisers
  • Penny cruisers
  • Surfskates

Wanna know about each of them? Let’s learn what each of the types is designed for and whether you should get one for yourself.

1) Mini Cruiser

There is a sub-group of cruisers called “little cruisers,” which are cruisers scaled down for even greater convenience.

Since they are typically made from incredibly light materials, they appeal to riders who prefer tighter turns and caving.

With a short deck below 30 inches, these skateboards are both portable and easy to control.

One of the best things about such skateboards is that you can do a few tricks with them (not many). However, going long distances (over 3 km) will be challenging for little cruisers. For speed and flexibility, trick riders frequently use mini cruisers.

2) Traditional Cruisers

Cruisers are traditionally larger and wider, making them ideal for fast transportation. It provides them with a pleasant ride thanks to the large, soft wheels and the taller trucks. Rather than being designed for beginners, such skateboards are intended for experienced riders. 

3) Penny Cruisers

Penny boards are an interesting mode of transportation. Despite penny boards often being mistaken for skateboards or longboards, skateboard types are determined by their design, size, and board itself. 

In contrast to these items, they are completely different. A lot of the design components of penny boards and mini cruisers are similar. Skating is not the only activity that can be done with these boards. On these boards and tiny cruisers, you can practise tricks and stunts like flips and ollies.

4) Surf stakes

Known also as surf skateboards, surfskates can be used on hard surfaces for surfing. The purpose of surf skates is to provide the best and most authentic surfing experience to both experienced and new surfers. 

In comparison to skateboarding and longboarding, surfskating requires a bit more practice but is tremendous fun regardless of skill level.

Skateboards vs. Cruiser Boards: What’s the Difference?

What makes cruiser skateboards different from regular skateboards? Both skateboards have a lot of differences. Let’s discuss each one individually.

1) Size of Wheels

59mm polyurethane wheels are used on cruiser skateboards. It’s one of the better options for both rough and hard floors due to its size and general build quality. 

Long-distance skating is also possible on this type of board. Regular skateboards, however, are available only on smooth surfaces due to their hard, small wheels.

2) Flexibility

Since cruiser skateboards are designed to be used on the streets and not for stunts, they tend to be very comfortable and easy to use. So, they’re very flexible. Also, when you have to take big turns, you can easily do that on cruiser skateboards. What about a regular skateboard? They’re not so comfortable and easy to use.

So, they’re not good for beginners either.

3) Shape of Deck

Skateboards with normal and cruiser decks differ in their form. The decks of regular boards can be lozenge-shaped, commonly called popsicle-shaped.

Furthermore, the nose and tail of these boards have been raised. There are a wide variety of widths and lengths of regular boards, so you can choose the one that’s right for you.

The decks of cruise ships, however, can be found in a wide range of sizes and designs. There are cruiser boards with kicktails that can help you navigate obstacles. There are also some basic and easy tricks that can be performed on this type of cruiser board.

4) Length

Skateboards typically measure between 30 and 32 inches in length. The cruiser skateboard has a width of 30 to 37 inches, making it appear taller than a standard skateboard. You can, however, choose a mini-cruiser (usually 22 inches long) if you’re a kid or a short guy.

How To Buy A Cruiser Board For You?

If you want to purchase a cruiser skateboard for yourself, what should you do? What should you keep in mind? You’ll learn this in this buying guide.

  • Construction: It is the quality of the build that determines the longevity of a cruiser skateboard. Choose skateboards made from UHMW, urethane, carbon fibre, bamboo, or cork. There is no better material than this. Conventional 7-ply decks will suffice for most cruising needs. In case thicker or thinner boards suit your needs, feel free to use them.
  • Size and shape: Choose your cruiser’s shape now. A cruiser board typically measures 27 to 34 inches in length and can be found in a variety of shapes and sizes. A shorter board has better manoeuvrability and control, while a longer board, such as a cruiser, has more speed. Beginners will benefit from penny cruisers or nickel cruisers.
  • Tail/nose: In order for your board to adapt and move in the right direction, you need a nose and tail. Because the nose is rounded, you can change directions more easily. Popsicle-shaped rides are ideal for one-way rides. There is only one kicktail on cruise ships for people who are into acrobatics and stunts. If you only want to cruise the city, choose a flat deck.

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Cruiser Wheels on skateboard

Now that you know how to buy a cruiser skateboard, you can buy one too. I’ll answer some of your most frequently asked questions.


 ) Are cruisers a good choice for beginners?Cruiser motorcycles make excellent first vehicles due to their low seat height and low seating. The wide range of engine and chassis sizes means that cruisers are suitable for riders of all levels of experience.Cruiser motorcycles make excellent first vehicles due to their low seat height and low seating. The wide range of engine and chassis sizes means that cruisers are suitable for riders of all levels of experience.

3) Are cruisers a good choice for beginners?

Cruiser motorcycles make excellent first vehicles due to their low seat height and low seating. The wide range of engine and chassis sizes means that cruisers are suitable for riders of all levels of experience.

Final Words:

Is Cruiser a type of skateboard? Yes, it’s a type of skateboard that is quite popular among students and beginners. Since it’s very easy to use, everyone loves using it to get around. Still, if you have any questions related to this topic, you can put them down below in the comment section, and I’d be there to help you out.

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