Is Skateboarding Useless?

Is Skateboarding Useless? This question might have crossed your mind if you’ve ever watched a skateboarder whizz past, performing tricks with seemingly effortless ease. Before we jump into any hasty conclusions, let’s delve deeper and take a ride on the other side of the sidewalk.

In this fast-paced world where every second counts, some may see skateboarding as merely an impractical mode of transportation or a reckless pastime for adrenaline junkies. But is there more to skateboarding than what meets the eye? Through this article, I’ll be sharing my personal insights and experiences in an attempt to challenge these preconceived notions about skateboarding. Buckle up as we explore whether it’s really just a frivolous activity or something that serves a bigger purpose in society and individual lives.

Is Skateboarding a Waste of Time?

Skateboarding is not a waste of time; rather, it’s a valuable activity with numerous benefits. It’s a form of physical exercise that improves balance, coordination, and cardiovascular health. Skateboarding also fosters creativity, as riders learn and invent new tricks. Additionally, it’s a social activity that can build community and friendships. Like any hobby, its value depends on the individual’s goals and the enjoyment they derive from it.

Why Some See Skateboarding as Useless

Skateboarding, like many activities, is subject to contrasting views. Some people see it as a valuable sport or hobby, while others might consider it useless for various reasons:

Why Some See Skateboarding as Useless

Lack of Traditional Structure

Unlike organized sports with clear rules and objectives, skateboarding is often seen as unstructured play. This lack of formal recognition can lead some to dismiss its value.

Risk of Injury

Skateboarding carries a risk of injury, from minor scrapes to more serious accidents. Those concerned about safety might view skateboarding as unnecessarily risky.

Public Perception

In some areas, skateboarding is associated with rebellious or disruptive behaviour, particularly when performed in public spaces like streets or plazas. This can lead to negative perceptions among those who prioritize order and propriety.

Misunderstanding of Skills and Benefits

Those unfamiliar with skateboarding may not recognize the physical and mental skills it develops, such as balance, coordination, and perseverance.

Personal Preferences and Values

Simply put, not every activity appeals to every person. Those who don’t see the appeal of skateboarding might not understand its value to others.

    In contrast, enthusiasts argue that skateboarding is a form of artistic expression, a way to build physical fitness, and a means of socializing and forming a community. It’s important to acknowledge that the value of any activity, including skateboarding, can vary greatly depending on individual perspectives and experiences.

    image features a diverse group of skateboarders enjoying and learning from each other at a skatepark, demonstrating skateboarding's role in community building and fostering friendships.

    Breaking Down the Stereotypes

    Skill and Discipline

    Skateboarding is more challenging than it looks. Mastering tricks requires perseverance, discipline, and a whole lot of skill.


    Many consider skateboarding an art form. From custom board designs to the style of tricks, it’s a mode of self-expression.

    Community Building

    Skaters form tight-knit communities. They share tips, celebrate each other’s successes, and often stand up for social issues.

    The Real Benefits of Skateboarding

    Physical Fitness

    Skateboarding is a full-body workout. You build core strength, improve balance, and enhance coordination.

    Stress Relief

    Like any physical activity, skateboarding releases endorphins. This improves mood and can be a great stress buster.

    Building Resilience

    Skateboarding teaches you how to fall and get back up. It’s a lesson in resilience that serves well in all life aspects.

    When Is Skateboarding “Useless”?

    No Sense of Purpose

    Skateboarding loses its charm and purpose if you’re aimlessly rolling around, ignoring safety, or treating public property poorly.

    Neglected Responsibilities

    Skipping school, ignoring work, or neglecting family for skateboarding could make it a “useless” or harmful endeavour.

    So, Is Skateboarding Useless?

    Not at all! The idea that skateboarding is “useless” often stems from a lack of understanding or a narrow view of its benefits. From building communities to promoting physical fitness, skateboarding offers much more than meets the eye. Like any activity, its value primarily depends on the intentions and actions of the individual involved. So, the next time someone labels skateboarding as “useless,” maybe it’s time to help them see the bigger picture.

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