Skateboard VS Hoverboard/ What’s The Difference?

Skateboard vs. hoverboard: what’s the difference? A lot of people are finding the answer to this question.

Quick Answer! The main difference between a skateboard and a hoverboard is that the hoverboard runs on a motor and a battery, while skateboards have to be ridden by the rider’s force. Other than that, Hoverboard uses a specific technology called self-balancing to automatically keep it balanced. While this type of technology is not used in skateboards.

The quickest answer is good enough if you’re in a hurry. You should, however, stick around until the end of the post if you wish to fully understand the difference. 

Now that we’re not late, let’s move on to our topic.

Skateboard VS Hoverboard/ What’s The Difference?

Skateboards and hoverboards are both mini vehicles. However, as stated earlier, the main difference is that the hoverboard comes with an electric motor and a battery that makes it run. 

Contrary, a skateboard is a simple vehicle that is run by a rider’s force. There isn’t any motor or battery installed in it.

Here’s a brief overview of both vehicles to help you get to know them better.


Skating decks or boards are basically skateboards. A skater is someone who moves or performs a specific movement on a surface, according to the Oxford English Dictionary. The board or deck can be any size or shape.

In bowls and half pipes, skateboarders can move by pumping their legs or by pushing with one foot while the other balances.

The skateboard can also be used by standing on the deck and allowing gravity to move the board and the rider.

How about a hoverboard? Let’s take a look!


Hoverboards are electric mini-vehicles that are used to travel around. Hoverboards became popular as a result of the film Back to the Future Part II

The hoverboard first appeared in this movie, and since it had an appearance like a skateboard, it didn’t take so long to get famous. The best thing about a hoverboard is that it works on its own. 

I mean, you don’t need to put your energy into riding it or balancing it. You just have to stand on it, and it’ll take you automatically.

Additional Differences Between a Hoverboard And A Skateboard

I would like you to be aware of some other differences between the two vehicles as well. So, I’m going to tell you about all the differences one by one so you can understand them well!

1) Speed

When it comes to speed, the Hoverboards are a little slower. They can run from 12 to 15 km only. And it’s because of their heavyweight which is usually around 25 pounds which is quite a lot.

Skateboards on the other hand have become faster ever since the electric skateboard came into the world. They can go from 29 km which is definitely a good speed.

2) Travel Range Of Both Vehicles

One hoverboard battery can travel 15 to 20 kilometres, depending on the surface. Bumpy and rough surfaces will reduce the travel range since the battery will be depleted more quickly. Consider these factors when choosing an electric vehicle.

According to reports, the skateboards are lightweight and powered by powerful motors and batteries, which allow them to travel a long distance. 

Since e-skateboards have a range of more than 40 kilometres on a single charge, they perform better in this category. Hoverboards and skateboards differ significantly. Skateboards have a wide travel range because of their lightweight design and straightforward mechanics.

Skateboard VS Hoverboard/ What Are the Benefits of both?

Now the question is, which vehicle should you go for? You’ll be able to decide after knowing about the benefits of both vehicles. Come on, let’s find out!

1) Hoverboard Wins In Balancing

When it comes to balance, a hoverboard is the best vehicle to go for. You don’t need to bother moving your feet to ride on it. You just have to stand on the hoverboard, and that’s it. Its self-balancing technology won’t let it lose its balance.

On the other hand, when it comes to balancing a skateboard, you have to balance it yourself. You’ll require more effort and have to be more skilled to balance the skateboard. So, those who need a mini vehicle to roam around should go for a hoverboard, as it’s too easy to ride.

2) Hoverboards Are Way Safer

No matter what vehicle you’re riding over, your safety is more important than the ride. So, if your safety is considered, hoverboards are great. You don’t need to be skilled at balancing or turning them in different directions in order to ride them safely.

They’re powered by motors and batteries, which don’t let you put in any effort and get skilled at learning them. It means they’re a little safe in this regard.

In contrast, since the rider has to balance themselves to ride the skateboards, the chances of getting injured are way higher. So, I can say that in terms of safety, hoverboards have a little edge over the skateboard. But it doesn’t mean they’re completely safe.

Since hoverboards are mini e-vehicles, fixing a motor and a battery in them is a challenge. because the vehicles can easily catch fire. And it has happened a lot of times in the past as well.

So, Does It Mean You Shouldn’t Buy a Hoverboard?

Oh, man! You should definitely buy them. Why am I saying this despite the terrors mentioned above? Look! Hoverboards improved with the passage of time, as did technology. 

Now, the manufacturers have found the flaws and the causes that were causing the issues with the boards and fixed them as well. In the latest hoverboards, you won’t see such flaws.

So, yes, you can buy hoverboards from one place to another. You can buy skateboards as well, but you’ll need to learn how to ride them properly. That’s crucial! If you can’t do that, just go for the hoverboard. That’d be great for you!

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Should You Buy A Skateboard Or A Hoverboard?

After reading about all the differences between both mini vehicles, it leads us to the question of which one you should buy. Skateboards are the best for those who like skateboarding and travelling from one place to another in a quick and easy way.

Also, it’s an excellent vehicle for those who like doing stunts and taking part in skateboarding competitions. However, I’d not recommend you ride a skateboard until you’ve learned its basics. Learn to ride it properly, and then ride it. That would be safe for you.

While hoverboards are best suited to newcomers who lack practical hoverboard riding experience and are often illiterate or unaware of miniature vehicles, The use of hoverboards is straightforward and simple, and even beginners can quickly get the hang of it.

The hoverboards also have safety features that ensure everyone’s safety. Among these characteristics are self-balancing and speed control. Teenagers, children, and some seniors are ideal candidates for hoverboards.

So, the skateboard vs. hoverboard debate has ended for you. I’ve told you all the differences between these two. Let me answer some of your frequently asked questions. Let’s move on to them!


Final Words!

Skateboard vs. hoverboard: which one is best to go after? That all depends on you. If you like skateboarding, then you should get a skateboard. If just travelling is your purpose, then you can go for a hoverboard. But remember, you won’t be able to do any sort of trick on this board.

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