VESC For Electric Skateboards

Electric skateboards have changed the way skating is done. Now, skating has become less effort-taking and way faster than it ever used to be. Therefore, many skateboarders are trying to switch to electric skateboards. Some just go to the market and buy it, while others like building their own to save a few bucks. So, are you also one of the people who want to build their own e-skateboard? Then you must be familiar with VESC. Right? So, what is VESC for electric skateboards? What’s its role?

It is about this that this article is going to be. It will help you learn everything, and you can stay until the very end.

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What is VESC?

Just like a CPU is the brain of a computer, the VESC (Vehicle Equipment Safety Commission) is the brain of your E-skateboard.

Skateboards use this to determine when to break and how hard to push. This is why you do most of the things you do on your skateboard. It is actually an electric speed controller developed by Benjamin Vedder that is open-source. 

The best thing about VESC is that it allows you to set some sort of setting on the skateboard. Just like how fast the speed would be and set all of the parameters like this one. When you set certain parameters for your e-skateboard, it lasts longer.

This image shows the process of configuring a VESC, with a user adjusting settings on a computer interface, emphasizing the customization aspect of electric skateboards.

How To Configure VESC Parameters On Your E-Skateboard?

What are the parameters for your VESC on your E-skateboard? It might get a bit technical here, but I’ll simplify it for you. Ensure that the controls are set correctly by understanding the difference between amps and voltage.

Voltage measures the power of each component of a system, while amp measures the amount of electricity it receives. Increasing the amps sent to the wheels will help you go uphill, for example.

The VESC allows you to set limits. You will prevent overloading the electrical circuits by not sending too many amps to your wheels.

Different Versions Of VESC

VESC comes in two versions. A recent version, Version 6, has some improvements over Version 4. As compared to Version 4, VESC Version 6 has a higher current and series. Any VESC from version 4 will work fine in regular street builds, however. 

There is a possibility that VESCs based on reference 4.12 designs will not work well in FOC mode.

image offers a side-by-side comparison of VESC Version 4 and Version 6, showcasing the evolution and technological advancements in VESC technology and their impact on electric skateboard performance.

E-Skateboards – What Are The Advantages?

Why is everyone asking you to use VESC for your E-Skateboard? What’s the reason for that? Due to its numerous benefits, VESC is an excellent addition to your electric skateboard as it lets you easily customize its settings. 

Other parameters can also be set in addition to the ones already mentioned. The following are some of its advantages.

  • There is a limit to the temperature of the VESC.
  • Setting a maximum discharge voltage for the battery.
  • A motor’s current is restricted. As a result of overcurrent, the motor becomes fried.

After all, who wouldn’t want to use VESC with these kinds of advantages? Does VESC have any disadvantages? Come on, let’s find out.

Disadvantages of VESC

Disadvantages of VESC

Technology has both advantages and disadvantages, as is well known. So, what are the disadvantages of VESC for Electric skateboards?

  • The installation and setup of VESCs can be more challenging. If the rider wants to make adjustments while riding while connected to their VESC via Bluetooth, there is more wiring involved.
  • The cost of VESCs is generally lower than that of ESCs. For those on a budget, ESC-driven skateboards are an excellent choice.
  • So, whenever you think of using VESC for your E-skateboard, make sure you’re keeping these advantages and drawbacks in your mind. 

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Should You Use VESC for Your E-Skateboards?

Yes, you should. VESCs are the best ESCs for homemade electric skateboards. It is incredibly reliable and adaptable when set up and operated correctly. 

Due to VESC, you’ll be able to customize all the parameters of your skateboard and take your skating to the next level.

So, now you know the importance of electric skateboards for VESC. It’s time to go to our FAQ section, where we’ll answer all your common questions.


Final words

Now you know what VESC is for Electric skateboards. Also, you know what’s important in your electric skateboarding. I’m concluding the article here. If you have any questions related to the topic, please let me know in the comment section. I’d love to help you out.

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