Why Are Skateboards So Expensive?

The quality of anything matters the most no matter what that thing is. Also, especially skateboard,’s lifespan as well as performance is completely dependent on the quality of the material which is used to manufacture it.  As you know, better wheels will provide you with an improved experience of the ride.

Higher cost means good and better quality of any product so if you are thinking that why all the skateboards are so expensive. So, do you want to know why are skateboards so expensive? but that is because of the kind of materials which are used and it provides you durability and great performance.

Why Are Skateboards So Expensive?

As mentioned earlier, the quality of skateboard materials is the most important factors to consider while buying any skateboard of your choice. Good wheels as well as bearings will provide you a longer life of your board and these are expensive because the materials used during manufacture are expensive.  

If you want a better performance of a skateboard then, it always comes up with a larger cost, but if you plan to use your board frequently or have concerns about its durability, it can be worth it. When looking for a skateboard, it’s important to find the appropriate balance between price and quality. A skateboard that is too cheap may not perform as well as one that is more expensive, and one that is too expensive may not last as long as you’d like.

The Quality of the Skateboard Material

Skateboards are expensive in part because of the expensive materials that were used in their production, as mentioned earlier. Cheap skateboards are often made of a variety of poor materials, which results in creating sets of problems with performance and longevity.

High-quality boards are typically made from particular wood or plastic kinds that offer both durability and stability while skating on them. Skateboarders often favor more costly boards because they provide superior performance and quality compared to less expensive options.

Skateboards’ price and general quality are affected by the manufacturing procedures as well. Unique graphics or shapes on the decks, for example, can drive up the cost of manufacture even higher.

It’s crucial to carefully inspect each product before purchasing because higher prices often just reflect a portion of what goes into producing a top-of-the-line skateboard.

If you’re serious about skating, you should spend money on a high-quality board because a cheap one will probably not last very long and might hurt you. 

Also, cheap products might cause extremely bad and serious injuries what if their wheels got loosened while riding then, what will you do? 

Better Wheels & Bearings Mean Longer Life

Bearings are what keep the wheel on course while you are skating, so maintain them clean and oiled frequently to prevent issues in the future. Replace your bearings as soon as they start to make noise or become loose to prevent damage to your deck or hardware.

As mentioned earlier, better wheels as well as bearings means longer life of a skateboard and better quality means better products or materials used during the manufacture of a skateboard. So, it is mandatory to replace them after a passage of time whenever you notice cracks, loose pieces, or metal that has begun to come loose, they are starting to show signs of wear. 

You must replace them as soon as the manufacturers have indicated that you should. You might know about the best wheels which are hard wheels, or soft wheels depending on the area where you are skateboarding.

By keeping it updated and by proper maintenance, you will never face any obstacle while riding and you will surely enjoy and experience the best kind of ride.

Because better wheels roll more smoothly and don’t degrade as rapidly, your board will remain in good shape for a longer period.

Better Performance = Higher Price

Because they perform better than other modes of transportation, skateboards are more expensive. If you shop wisely, you can find an excellent skateboard for a reasonable price.

The cost of a skateboard depends on its design and build quality. Skateboard prices frequently go up as a result of manufacturers having to pay more to produce high-quality goods.

Instead of buying the most well-liked or well-published model, seek something unusual or underpriced if you want to save money on a new board.

What Is The Average Price of Skateboards?

There is not any specific answer to this question about the exact or even average price of a skateboard as it varies from skateboard to skateboard. It varies from each other because of the quality of materials used inside it, the wheels as well as bearings. Also, it depends on the brand, model as well and size.

However, the approximate range of a skateboard is around $50. Last but not least, another factor on which the price of a skateboard depends is its condition. If you are buying a second-hand skateboard then, the condition is the most important factor that matters. However, longboards are higher in price as compared to the other skateboards. But, their quality is also great and has far better components.

Also, buying any skateboard costs the price of some additional products such as a helmet, pads, and protective gear for safety which is mandatory to buy. 

How Long Does Skateboard Last?

Depending on how frequently they are used and how well they are cared for, skateboards can last anywhere from a few months to several years. If at all possible, keep your skateboard away from direct sunlight as it will eventually harm the deck and binding.

Make sure you have enough space to safely keep your board. Poor maintenance might result in corroded hardware or damaged bearings, while a lack of storage can quickly wear out aboard. For safety reasons, always confirm the size of the wheels before purchasing a skateboard. Oversized wheels may be dangerous if they fall off, which could harm someone.

Last but not least, keep in mind that skateboarding is an aggressive sport; use caution when engaging in it to avoid injury.


The most important factor to take into account when purchasing any skateboard of your choice is the quality of the materials used to make them. The Skateboard Material’s Quality depends on the materials that were used in their manufacture, as already mentioned, skateboards are expensive.

Better quality indicates better items or materials were used to make the skateboard, as was previously indicated. Better wheels and bearings also extend the lifespan of a skateboard. Additionally, because skateboard prices vary from model to model, there is no definitive answer to the question of what a skateboard costs exactly or even on average.

I hope you like the article and your concept has been cleared about why skateboards are so expensive. If you want more articles like this, please let us know and appreciate us so we can provide you with more incredible articles like this.

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