Why Do You Use Skateboard Wax?

Skateboard wax is a kind of wax that is applied over the surface of the ledge, street curbs, skateboard parts, etc to get a smooth surface. It is considered mandatory for an easy and smooth skating experience as the surface friction will resist the board to grind. There are many waxes available in the town but, some brands have now also introduced their skateboard wax.  But, have you ever thought that why do you use skateboard wax?

Also, if you are playing some tricks over the skateboard then only it is required to use the wax.

If you are a passionate skateboarder then, wax is not mandatory for you. But, no skateboard wax has multiple benefits when it comes to its shape and improving your skating experience. You might know, that wax also provides protection against wear and tear surrounding the scratched surfaces which affects the riding quality.

What is Skateboard Wax?

What is Skateboard Wax

As mentioned earlier, skateboard wax is a substance that is used to improve the skating experience. However, there are plenty of things to know and learn about skate wax, its alternatives, etc.  It is one of the most important things that a skateboarder needs as it helps along with the sliding maneuvers.

They are highly protective for you and reduce the chances of slipping from the grip over the board.

It is applied over the following surfaces:

  • Metal edges
  • Ledges
  • Street curbs
  • Handrails
  • Skateboard parts

Why do you use skateboard wax and What Kind of Skateboard Wax you should Use?

There are multiple kinds of skateboard wax available that you should use while skateboarding. You can use Paraffin as well as synthetic skateboard wax.

Skateboard waxes are briefly discussed below:

Paraffin Wax

The most common kind of skateboard wax which is used almost worldwide is Paraffin wax as it gives you great control over the grip and keeps you protected and safe against wear and tear.

Synthetic Wax

Another type of wax is synthetic wax which is extra durable as compared to the Paraffin wax as well as long lasting than the other waxes. But, they have lighter grip control than Paraffin and grip is one of the most important factors that’s why Paraffin wax is preferred more than Paraffin wax.

No matter what type of wax you use for a better experience just ensure to use it frequently to improve your skating experience and be protected from falls. You can also use a mixture of more than one wax if you need the best possible grip.

What is the Purpose of Using a Wax over a Skateboard?

What is the Purpose of Using a Wax over a Skateboard

Skateboard provides you with a smooth and slippery surface which helps all the riders to maintain a grip as well as to keep control over themselves and the skateboard. It reduces friction and gives you smooth turns.

Does All the Skateboarder need Wax?

No, all the skateboarders don’t need wax because they sometimes also use a few other lubricants like silicone tubes, speed lube, etc. Some skateboarders also depend on the grip tape for an optimal experience.

So, the usage of skateboard wax is also dependent on the choice of the skateboarder’s preference and whatever works best for them.

How Many Times You Should Use a Skateboard Wax?

We can not tell you how often you should use the skateboard wax because it is completely dependent on the amount of times you skateboard as well as its environment. But, if you are a passionate rider and like to ride multiple times then, you must make a habit of using the wax at least once every 14 days.

It will make sure that the grip tape over your board is definitive which lets you have better control as well as reduced wear and tear with time, as mentioned earlier. Also, if you are constantly riding over the wet areas, debris, etc. Then, you must use wax often as it will help keep your skateboard protected from damage.

Does Waxing Damage a Surface?

It is usually believed that waxing damages a surface which is not true however, skating does. For instance: There are higher chances of scratching up of grinding handrails, ledges, etc. But, it is preferred to remove the skate wax once you are done with skating because it might damage the property if applied for a long period.

Can I Use Deodorant for Skate Wax?

Some people also come up with a few videos to use deodorant instead of state wax so, can you use it or not? Yes, you can use it but it surely does not lubricate the ledge or the handrails, etc. like the normal wax. You might be paying extra money for the deodorant for the same quantity of skate wax. So, we would recommend you use it but, if you don’t have skate wax, it can be used as an alternative.


Following are some of the frequently asked questions:

1_ How many types of skateboard wax are available?

As mentioned earlier, there are multiple types of skateboard wax available but, the most used ones are Paraffin’s which are recommended by almost all users.

2_ Where to apply skateboard wax?

Skateboard wax is applied over the following surfaces:

  • Metal edges
  • Ledges
  • Street curbs
  • Handrails
  • Skateboard parts


To provide a smooth surface, skateboard wax is a type of wax that is put over the surface of ledges, street curbs, skateboard parts, etc.

Wax is not necessary if you are an avid skateboarder, right? But when it comes to keeping your skateboard in condition and enhancing your skating experience, no skateboard wax has several advantages that are briefly discussed in the article above.

I hope you like the article about why do you use skateboard wax? and now you must know the importance of skateboard wax. So, if you want more articles like this, please let us know and appreciate us so we can provide you with more incredible articles like this.

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