Why Your Skateboard Won’t Turn?

Skateboarding is one of the most exciting and thrilling adventures that you will ever do in your life. Also, it provides you with a room for primary equipment. You can also set to manage the wheels, loose or tight them, the way you want to. But, have you ever seen skaters glide at a sharp angle but you think that why is my skateboard not turning?

Then, in this article, we will let you know some reasons behind it. So, to know more about it you need to read out the entire article:

Why Your Skateboard Won’t Turn?

Your skateboard might not turn due to overly tight trucks or worn-out wheels, which hinder effective maneuvering. Additionally, incorrect foot and body positioning can also significantly impact the board’s turning ability.

Let’s discuss why is my skateboard not turning. Here are a few possible reasons behind it:

An image illustrating the concept of 'Tight Trucks' in skateboarding. The focus should be on a close-up of a skateboard's trucks, visibly over-tightened, making it difficult to turn. The skateboard should be shown in a situation where it's clear that the tight trucks are hindering its movement, perhaps on a skate park ramp or in a street skating scenario. Include a skater trying to navigate but facing difficulty due to the tight trucks.

Tight Trucks

As you know, rigid trucks are always stable but it doesn’t mean that they are considered the best skateboard configuration. So, we need to lose them and turn them over a skateboard easier.

Wrong Positioning

Turning on the board is one of the basic skills of skating. Also, you are aware that poor foot and body positioning decreases your chances of producing quality turns.

An image showcasing the issue of 'Wrong Positioning' in skateboarding. The focus should be on a skateboarder with incorrect foot and body positioning, making it hard to execute a turn. The skater should be depicted trying to maneuver a turn on the skateboard but struggling due to poor positioning. The background can include elements of a skatepark or urban environment to emphasize the skateboarding context.

Old Wheels

One of the main sources of the pivot motions is the wheels. The urethane will wear out evenly if you lean more frequently to one side of the skateboard, which will alter how you turn. Also, have a look at How to Remove Trucks from A Skateboard? for more information about skateboards.

How Do You Loosen a Skateboard So It Turns?

If tightening the trucks is the best way to fix a skateboard that turns by itself, the ultimate solution to steer a skateboard easily is to loosen the trucks. Here’s how to do it.

If you think that tightening the trucks will let you easily turn your skateboard then, the solution for that is to steer a skateboard very easily by losing the trucks by grabbing a skate tool or a wrench, flipping your skateboard over so the trucks are up, aligning as well as secure the head of the tool or wrench to the kingpin nut, and then anticlockwise turn the nut.

What to Do to Make the Skateboard Turn?

If you want your skateboards to turn properly and like the way you want then, we have some solutions here for you:

Proper positioning

Now, you can push down on the tail and steer the front of the deck to move the board in the direction you want.

First of all, turning a skateboard is a skill that needs some simple steps to execute. You need to put your dominant foot across and perpendicular to the deck. Now, place your back foot in a mirroring format and over the tip of the deck. Now, you can easily turn your skateboard.

Changing your wheels

Wheel wear out is avoidable, but it never gives you any reason to wear out rollers over the trucks. One of the most amazing skills is wheel replacement for maintenance which is mandatory in a nutshell.

  • Truck axle nuts should be released.
  • Remove the outdated wheels.
  • Clear the bearings of any debris and then, replace them with the new one
  • Put the fresh wheels on the axles.
  • With the axle nuts, secure the wheels

Other Possible Ways to Help Your Skateboard Turn Better

Change your Bushings

Bushing helps your board to be stabilized and maintained. It helps in preventing direct contact as well as friction. Examine your bushing as they may be damaged because of multiple factors such as temperatures, environmental factors, weather, etc.  But, if you don’t have enough budget to replace them then you need to alter them and interchange their places after cleaning them.

Cleaning the Wheels

The ground is directly under the wheels. This means that whatever dirt you walk over can end up on these urethane surfaces. Even worse, they might adhere to and collect on your rollers.

So, before skating, make an effort to clean the wheels of debris. You might as well clean and grease the bearings while you’re at it. Your skateboard will roll more accurately and smoothly in this manner.


Skateboards can change in unexpected ways. They can be the overall performance. The good news is that these factors can easily be managed. Also, much like the wheels, there are advantages and disadvantages to loosening or tightening the trucks.

 I hope you like the article and your question has been solved why is my skateboard not turning?  If you want more articles like this, please let us know and appreciate us so we can provide you with more incredible articles like this.

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